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Amy Schumer Announced The Name Of Her Baby Boy And It Has The Sweetest Meaning

After a hilarious "royal" birth announcement, Amy Schumer has revealed the name of her sweet baby boy and I am loving it!

The name she chose is very classic but still unique. She also took the opportunity to choose a name that has special significance to her.

Take a look at what she named her little guy and find out the meaning behind his name.

As many of you know, Amy did not have the easiest pregnancy.

Amy suffered from a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum, which causes extreme nausea and vomiting. While many women only have this condition for a few months of their pregnancy, Amy had it for the whole nine months.

She even had to be hospitalized because of the condition.

Kate Middleton also suffered from HG during her pregnancies and had to be hospitalized. It sounds scary, but it can be pretty common for pregnant women to experience it.

Even though she cancelled a number of her shows because she was so sick, Amy still managed to come out with a new Netflix special.

Growing is Amy's hilarious take on all things pregnancy. If you're pregnant or a new mom, go watch it right now. It's so funny!

We knew Amy was due sometime in the spring and we were all on Schumer baby watch.

Between Amy's baby and the royal baby, it's been so much fun trying to guess when they would come.

At the end of April, Amy shared this update where she confirmed that she was still "pregnant and puking." Oh, Amy.

Just the day before she was set to give birth, Amy announced that she and her husband, Chris Fischer, were expecting a baby boy.

I knew it!

She shared the news in this Instagram post.

On her way to the hospital to give birth, Amy crashed the Met Gala.

Amy gave birth the day before this year's Met Gala, so she hilariously "posed" in her maternity chic clothes on her way to give birth. LOL!

Amy and Chris welcomed their "royal baby" on May 5, 2019 at 10:55 PM.

Amy gave birth just a few hours apart from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby boy, hence why he is known as her "royal" baby. I think they should try to set up some playdates, don't you?

Now, Amy has announced the name of her sweet baby boy.

Meet Gene Attell Fischer!

Baby Gene's middle name appears to be a tribute to Amy's fellow comedian friend, Dave Attell. How sweet, I'm sure he's honored.

Celebs have been flooding Amy's Instagram with their support and love.

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Actress Glenn Close sent Amy this lovely message congratulating the comedian. I wish Glenn would comment on my Instagram posts.

Lena Dunham was loving little Gene's name.

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Clearly, Lena approved since she called it the "perfect best name". Perfect and the best? That's a lot of praise and I'm sure Amy loved it.

Fellow comedian, Michelle Wolf, said that Gene already seems like his namesake.

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Dave Attell is going to have to show little Gene the ropes. How young is too young to start a stand-up career?

Kathy Griffin also sent her love and congratulations to Amy and Chris.

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It looks like Gene is going to grow up surrounded by a lot of loving and hilarious people.

Congratulations once again to Amy and Chris on their new little bundle of joy!

Gene is so adorable and already so loved. Now, go get some rest, mama. You're going to need it as you recover and settle into motherhood.