Amy Schumer Welcomes 'Royal Baby' Boy With Husband Chris Fischer

After months dealing with a difficult pregnancy, Amy Schumer and her husband, Chris Fischer have welcomed a healthy baby boy.

Find out how Amy shared the news with fans, and took a little dig at the royal baby who was born hours apart from her son.

Of course Amy would announce her baby like this. LOL!

It was just about a week and a half ago that Amy confirmed on Instagram that she was still "pregnant and puking".

Amy didn't have the easiest pregnancy and kept us up to date with every last (and gross) detail while also calling out the lack of medical research for conditions like hyperemesis gravidarum.

We were all waiting eagerly for this baby, especially Amy.

Amy shared this bare-belly shot on Instagram writing, "Oh yeah does it feel to everyone like I’ve been pregnant for a long time? It must be getting annoying to you all that I’m still pregnant."

We could only imagine how you felt, Amy.

It felt like Amy was literally pregnant for 100 years!

The poor girl went through every sickness and struggle in the book. The hearts of moms everywhere went out to her!

Amy struggled with hyperemesis gravidarum, a complication that is characterized severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss and so on.

And naturally, Amy has shared the unflattering aspects with us. We've been applauding every step of the way!

She even had to be hospitalized and cancel shows because of the condition.

We were all rooting for Amy to make a full recovery, but by posting these updates, Amy helped spread awareness about this common condition.

Then there was her risqué pregnant photo shoot that pretty much broke the internet.

Instagram | @amyschumer

We love how raw and honest these New York Times photos were!

Remember that time she faked a baby bump on "Late Night With Seth Meyers"?

It felt like she was preggers for so long, that nobody could be blamed for thinking that was her real bump!

Amy and Chris just shared that they were expecting a baby boy yesterday!

We were wondering when he was going to make his debut. With this news, we knew it wouldn't be too long.

She made a very a propos joke about the Met Gala an hour before her birth announcement.

We wish she'd literally showed up to the year's swankiest fashion event in sneakers and a cardigan!

Well, he's finally here!

On May 5 at 10:55 PM, Amy and Chris welcomed their son.

Amy captioned the photo, "Our royal baby was born," bringing back a long-running joke since she and Meghan Markle announced their pregnancies so close together and gave birth hours apart.

Case in point, Amy photoshopped her and Chris' faces on top of Meghan and Harry's.

I don't know about you, but I would have done the same thing if I was announcing my pregnancy right around the time the royal pregnancy was announced.

She also shared this picture of her bump, captioning the photo, "Loved my outfit during my set tonight!"

Okay, so I hate to break it to you but that bump actually belongs to Meghan Markle. Amy trolled the royals once again.

Ever since the news broke, congrats and well wishes from fellow celebs have been pouring in.

Instagram | @amyschumer

Like from fellow super mom and fitness guru Kate Hudson, who was overjoyed for her friend!

And new dad and Bravo TV host Andy Cohen.

Instagram | @amyschumer

I hope this play date happens for real! And that their kids grow up to be BFFs.

Other funny ladies like Colleen Ballinger, Busy Philipps, and Jenna Fischer also congratulated Amy.

Instagram | @amyschumer

Funny mamas need to support other funny mamas, am I right? Looks like Amy will have a killer mom tribe to call her own.

So far, the name for Amy and Chris' baby hasn't been shared.

But we can't wait to find out what it is. Congrats, again to Amy and Chris on their new bundle of joy.