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All The Times Amy Schumer Was Hilariously Relatable About Pregnancy

Amy Schumer is currently expecting her first baby with her husband, and her due date is coming up soon! We're so excited for Amy's family and throughout her whole pregnancy she's been posting hilarious updates.

She even has a new Netflix special called Growing which she filmed while pregnant. It made me LOL and needs to be added to your queue.

Take a look at all the times Amy was hilarious and relatable about pregnancy.

The birth announcement

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Amy just happened to announce she was pregnant right around the same time as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

She used this coincidence to her advantage with this hilarious, photoshopped pregnancy announcement.

When she photo-bombed this couple.

It's a photo-bump-bomb! Amy spotted this couple posing for their engagement photos in a park while she was walking her dog and decided to get her bump in on the action. Great pic!

"Am I glowing?"

Amy has been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum throughout her pregnancy but still managed to make light of the situation.

She captioned this Instagram photo, "Am I glowing?" while she was hooked up to an IV.

This cake...

For the record, someone made this cake for Amy and she just had to share it on Instagram.

Now, I love cake but I don't think I would be able to eat this one. It's just too... realistic.

Indulging in cravings

Amy seemed to really enjoy these beignets when she was in New Orleans. Uh, Amy? I think you have a little something on your face... and your nose... and your forehead.

Chugging the orange sugar-water

I'm sure there's a more technical name for this drink, but it will forever be known to me as the orange sugar-water.

Amy snapped this pic before her gestational diabetes test and pregnant women everywhere went, "YUP. I remember this!"

This pic from New York Fashion Week.

Okay, so clearly Amy is not at New York fashion week but she shared this photo as other celebs were flooding Instagram with their pics from #NYFW.

Honestly, I think most pregnant women can relate to this pose. Sometimes you don't leave the bed for days.

This baby bump!

Instagram | @amyschumer

Amy shared this photo from her dressing room on the set of Late Night with Seth Meyers and all we could think was that her baby bump was huuuuge!


YouTube | Late Night with Seth Meyers

So, it was a fake bump all along. Yes, Amy is really pregnant but she trolled us with this belly. OMG, she definitely had me fooled there for a second.

She even joked with Seth and asked, "Do I look fat? Be honest with me."

I'm so excited to meet this baby and see all the hilarious mom updates Amy will post. Aren't you?

"First trimester had me like #soblessed."

Everyone says the first trimester is the toughest, and it looks like Amy's experience has her leaning in that same direction.

This iconic photo set.

Frolicking through the fields butt naked and pregnant as hell is a pretty darn special thing — and honestly a huge mood.


As women go through their pregnancy, they often try to learn about the process, how to keep the baby the healthiest it can be, and other pregnancy related topics.

Amy wasn't here for the "downy coating" that might be around her fetus.

Her honestly about awards.

She's been pretty frank about the amount of vomiting she's been doing throughout her pregnancy. In her caption, she wrote "I wish I could be there but all i do is standup and puke right now."

How real she gets about the ugly stuff.

She's had to postpone a lot of her stand-up shows as her pregnancy complications, got, well, complicated. She revealed that she's dealing with hyperemesis, a combination of severe nausea, vomiting, and dehydration.

Her spicy take on the obsession some new moms, and moms in general have with "clean" products.

In her caption she wrote, "Now that I fully understand what it means to be a mother more than anyone else I am releasing a new line of children’s products called #reallyreallyhonest it has nothing harmful in it. It has nothing at all in it. " LOL.

Yet another set of nude frolicking photos.

These pics were taken for the New York Times profile on Schumer, and her career. Pretty darn amazing that they will be featured in such an iconic magazine.

The true as hell honestly about just how active we really are during pregnancy.

I mean sure, some days you make it out to a Pilates class and it's amazing and you are a health guru. Other times you literally burn 2 calories, and only walk from the couch to the fridge to the bathroom.

Goofin' around/.

Golem had the ring, Amy has the wee baby bump.

Pretty sure everyone has done this type of photo combo thing.

The baby is pretty darn cute too.