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7+ Colorful Hair Trends Taking Over Instagram

I have to confess to you that I'm not that adventurous as I could be when it comes to my hair. But, when I see what some people are willing to do to their looks and end up looking great I feel a little bit jealous.

Let's check out the latest hair trends that are bold, beautiful and gorgeous.

1. Bold And Beautiful

Talk about not being a shrinking violet here. This is the epitome of being bold and beautiful. All the colors together are so striking.

2. Mermaid Hair

If a magical creature like a unicorn or a mermaid is your goal, you're definitely accomplishing it with this amazing hairstyle. The color, the braid. Just wow!

3. Ray Of Sunshine

Some people love that sun-kissed look and there are others who want the whole sun. This look is not for the faint of heart.

4. Ombré Hair

That ombré hair color is all the rage, but forget the typical colors and just go for something with gusto. This is what I'm talking about.

5. Pink Brain

Why should girls have all the fun? It's amazing to see that some guys are not afraid to experiment with color when it comes to their mane.

6. Cuteness Overload

When you're going for that sweet and sassy look, pigtails are your jam. But I've never seen them done quite like this before. Cute and sexy!

7. Mesmerize Me

Is it just me or this hair color is just mesmerizing? I feel like I can get hypnotized by looking at this. This is quite the look.

8. Spider Head

Oh wow, this is taking a hairdo to the next level. I dunno if I would go for something like this but it's definitely a conversation piece.

9. Mosaic Hair

Who knew you can have a cool mosaic right on your hair? This is such a fun way to express your love for the arts.

10. Rose Child

Some people really love roses, don't they? I've never seen anyone display their love for their favorite flower in this way. That is so interesting.

11. Design Pro

Don't try this at home ladies and gentleman. For this type of elaborate and truly creative hair design, you must get a professional to do it.

12. Natural Hair Rainbow

Wow, not only I'm loving this girl's natural curls, but the color combination of this hairdo is on point here. This look is just gorgeous.

13. Pastel Love

Oh wow, this hair is just remarkable. It looks like a watercolor painting but on your hair. This is some hair mastery at its best. I'm really digging this look.

I still don't know if this makes me want to try any bold designs on my hair but at least it gives me some interesting ideas to keep in mind.

There are so many options out there, so don't be afraid to let your creativity shine!