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These Women Stopped Dyeing Their Hair And Embraced Their Grays

Women will do just about anything to improve the look of their hair. From crazy dye jobs to spunky hair cuts to unusual styles, they'll try anything once.

But what happens when your naturally beautiful hair starts to go gray? That can be a scary realization for many of us, myself included.

So what if instead of hiding your grays you embrace them instead? That's exactly what these women did and here's why they did it.

Instagram user Mindy Gale looks awesome with her grays and explains why she keeps them.

“My silver to me means embracing the aging process. It’s not for everyone and that’s totally okay."

Kelly Goyette shared that growing out her hair has helped her deal with past PTSD trauma and that

"Letting my white shine has paralleled my winning battle with unjustified shame."

Joni was also afraid to go gray but decided to do it anyway.

"12 months in — where I’m owning it and have a better level of confidence," she said.

Going gray at a young age can be really hard to deal with. But it can become a strength too.

"This is what makes me stand out from the crowd," said Instagram user @lukavaya_.

Amen to that!

"I hope to encourage anyone else who has been considering embracing those silver sparkles that it’s okay if ya do and it’s okay if ya don’t," said Instagram user @melissaschellinger.

And it can be a beautiful process, too!

"I want to watch time paint more and more silver through my hair. It’s a slow magic but magic nonetheless," said Instagram user @baskinthegray.

Go start a new hashtag!

"I think I'm about 2 more haircuts away from getting rid of the old dye jobs! So excited! I call this process #highhosilver," said Instagram user @puppyhsiao.

Coloring grays can really take its toll so why not embrace it instead?

"I realized it was time to give up and let nature run its course with dignity," said Instagram user @takisha123

Enjoy the wisdom that comes with being gray like Tracy did!

“Been gray a while and have completely embraced my crown of wisdom over the last couple years," she said.

Enjoy the journey!

"I love the journey to my natural hair, it’s so exciting to finally see my natural hair colour. My only regret is that I didn’t stop sooner!” said Instagram user @silvernaoual

A new hairdo can give you all the confidence you ever wanted or needed.

"I have the salt and pepper hair that I’ve been waiting for!” said Instagram user @lisadent.

And sometimes, you just know when the right time arrives. When you're ready, you're ready!

“I decided enough was enough. No more hiding behind this box of dye," said Instagram user @stagesofgrey.

Even your family and friends can get on board and embrace it!

"16 months later I think they are finally beginning to get used to it. I think I rock!” said Instagram user @millajewelers.

Somehow looking at these awesome and fearless women makes me feel better about my gray hair.

And my fiancé doesn't seem to mind it either. Hmm, should I go "grombre", too?