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7+ Mommy Fails That Are So Relatable It Hurts

I feel like every modern mom is striving to be the healthy, DIYing, Pinterest-perfect parent we see splashed all over social media.

The truth is that parenting is a lot messier than those posts would have you believe and that no parent is perfect.

These brave moms shared their hilarious #MommyFails with the world and honestly, they are so refreshing (and really funny).

This mom who tried to bake a cute cake.

I totally feel for this mom because I cannot bake to save my life. I hope this cake didn't give her kids nightmares.

The mom who let her child explore his artistic talents.

Leaving kids alone with art supplies can always be a risky move. This child took it upon himself to do a full-blown Joker-style makeover.

Ooof. This picture hurts to look at.

So this mom accidentally left her tablet on top of the car and then drove away. Needless to say, the tablet did not survive the trip.

This mom thought it would be a good idea to stick a baby toy to her head.

And now she gets to wear the proof of her choice wherever she goes. Maybe a little concealer will cover that up?

Aren't DIYs so much fun?

I'm convinced that DIY projects are only enjoyable before you have kids. Otherwise, you'll be asking youself why you decided to make a huge mess when you could have just bought something from the store like every other parent.

When you let your kid hold the snack bag.

This photo sums up the struggle of trying to feed toddlers. Why is it that they only want to eat when the potential to make the biggest mess is at its highest? Can someone explain this to me??

When you think your kids are playing nicely together.

Here's a tip: if your house is weirdly quiet, that means your kids are getting into trouble, not playing together. This mom learned this lesson the hard way.

The mom who forgot when her child last ate.

Every mom wants those picture-perfect moments for Instagram, but I don't think this is the photo this mom had in mind. That does not look pleasant.

This mom who accidentally sent her kid a moldy sandwich for lunch.

To be fair, I have done this and it happens way more often than you would expect. Luckily, in this case, the child was able to find a non-moldy lunch option.

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