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7+ Photos That Show The Hilarious Truth About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and life-changing experience for many new moms.

However, it is also an experience that can be far from perfect. There are a lot of hilarious struggles that come with breastfeeding, and moms are sharing these moments through relatable social media posts.

Here are a few pics that sum up the good, the messy, and the hilarious aspects of breastfeeding.

Remember wearing cute clothes?

Yeah, those days are over. Get ready to live in a milk-stained shirt for the next few months. Don't panic! Your supply will level out in a few months.

When you babe is addicted to the boob.

Is it round? Does it have a pointy end? Then your baby is going to mistake it for a boob. Sorry, little one, there's no milk in that!

Be prepared to get kicked.

And punched. And slapped. And scratched. Babies can be vicious when they're feeding... and surprisingly strong.

Spit up. It's going to be a big part of your life.

I think I went through a phase with my son where every piece of furniture in our home had a spit-up stain on it. Yeah, I'm not sad those days are over.

Finding the perfect position.

YouTube videos and those videos they show you in the hospital make it seem so easy... that is until you get home and your baby refuses to latch. I guess it's a good time to practice some yoga?

Just another breastfeeding mama #OOTD.

For today's look, I've paired this milk-stained tank with sweat pants and dry shampoo-styled hair. This is basically my mom uniform.

Trying to breastfeed in public like...

Surely this is what people mean when they say breastfeeding moms should cover themselves, right? But in all seriousness, have you ever tried using one of those breastfeeding covers? They are impossible to figure out.

The boob leak is real.

Am I the only person who kept forgetting that my boobs would leak until I looked in a mirror? Of course, I also forgot my nursing pads at home like every single day, so that didn't help.

When you accidentally spray your child.

Hey, if they unlatch during mid let-down, they are are going to get sprayed in the face with milk. There's no stopping that flow once it starts.

Why are there rocks in the bed... oh wait, those are my boobs.

Having your child sleep through the night is amazing until you realize that your boobs will literally turn into stone during those precious eight hours of sleep.

The countdown is on.

Nothing beats the feeling of having your breasts gradually increase by the minute when you're out and about in between feedings. It's like an instant boob job.

Cabbage leaves are about to become your BFF.

Did you roll your eyes when you read about putting cabbage leaves on your poor, engorged boobies when you were expecting your little one? Turns out this weird trick actually does work. And it makes for great selfies.

Seriously, you will never love cabbage leaves this much again.

As someone who literally never purchased a cabbage prior to becoming a mom, these bad boys were stocked in my house at all times during those early months of breastfeeding.

Okay, this photo is too real.

My boobs have been through so much over the last year. At this point, I want to throw them a survival-themed party just to thank them for not completely giving up on me.

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