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This Teen Hand-Painted Her Own Grad Gown Worthy Of A Disney Princess

Shopping for a high school graduation dress is one of the milestones of any young woman's life. One teen decided to make this moment even more memorable by DIYing her own grad dress.

Her stunning creation has captivated the internet and many are praising this young designer for her creativity. Take a look at her gorgeous creation.

Ciara Gan is a recent high school grad from the Philippines.

The 17-year-old is already an accomplished artist for someone so young and routinely shares her work on Instagram and Twitter.

Her most recent project, a DIY ballgown for her graduation, has taken the internet by storm.

Ciara worked with her mom to bring her vision for the dress to life, starting with this paper model and sketch of the dress.

According to Ciara, she designed the whole thing herself.

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Her mom assisted with the sewing and adding the dress' glamorous accessories like Swarovski crystals.

To add her own unique touch, Ciara hand-painted 80 flowers on the dress.

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She chose a design that incorporated orange tiger lilies which contrasted beautifully against the dark green fabric of the dress.

It took Ciara about five days to paint all the flowers on the dress.

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Overall, the dress took about a month for Ciara and her mom to complete from start to finish.

The final result is stunning.

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Ciara's dress quickly went viral when she tweeted out some photos of the finished product. It's not hard to see why. She looks like a literal princess.

I think it's safe to say that Ciara won Best Dressed at her graduation ball.

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I'm sure her other classmates looked gorgeous, but this dress is truly like something out of a fairy tale.

Since tweeting about her dress, Ciara has received a lot of support online for her design.

One person on Twitter even drew this portrait of Ciara in her dress. Okay, now she looks like a legit Disney character.

A lot of people are hoping that Ciara goes into fashion design.

The fashion industry definitely needs more creative and imaginative minds like this.

For now, Ciara is grateful that her dress has jump-started her art and design business.

Sadly, for now, she's only taking commissions in the Philippines, but I think she'll be an international star in no time. Congrats, Ciara!