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8+ Prom Dresses We're DIY-ing To Make

Prom season is here again and that means, for many of you, the hunt is officially on for the perfect dress.

When I went to prom, I spent hours looking through magazines at dresses I couldn't afford, before settling on a cute blue number.

I would have never imagined making my own dress, but these crafty ladies did and the results are to DIY for (I had to!).

I think we all had the dress on the left at some point in middle school.

This little black dress just went from sixth grade dance to slay all day.

I don't think I would have the patience to do something like this.

I seriously commend her for painting all 80 flowers on this gorgeous gown. Oh, and did I mention that she MADE the gown too?

I stan.

This is proof that a little bit of fabric and creativity can go a long way.

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The only other things that you'll need is a basic $10 dress and patience while you try to perfect those ruffles.

This thrift store dress just got a seriously glam makeover.

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This dress is definitely giving me that glamorous flapper girl feel with a little bit of Latin spice.

I may not have a prom to go to, but I really want this dress!

I refuse to believe this was once a $4 dress!

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Who needs to blow a bag on a fancy prom dress when you could make this one?

The difference is, this one only looks expensive.

You don't even need to be an expert at sewing to pull this look off.

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These girls made alterations to their thrifted prom dresses with just staples and a glue gun.

Then there's the girl who made her prom dress out of curtains.

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How sway is this ruffled off-the-shoulder look?

I'm gagging, tbh.

Okay, so you might need a little bit more than your basic sewing skills to pull this off.

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I'm sure back in 1983 some girl would have absolutely loved the dress on the right, but this new version is SO much better.