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9+ Brilliant Wedding Hacks Every Bride Should Know

Wedding season is upon us and all the brides-to-be are already starting to freak out. Planning a wedding can be a huge stress and of course even bigger expense.

What if I told you that there are plenty of awesome hacks that you can do to save yourself the headache and keep those hard-earned dollars in your pocket?

Check out these clever ideas that will get your planning underway stress-free.

1. Venue Hack

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I've been reading about this but haven't tried it myself yet. When negotiating with a venue don't tell them it's a wedding until you sign the contract.

2. Photobooth Hack

I had a blast at my friend's wedding with their photobooth set-up. But to save money just get a backdrop, tripod and use the Incredibooth app. Cool!

3. Shoe Hack

Instagram | @mybestlifehacks

Planning an outdoor wedding? It can be hard to walk in those heels on the grass. So buy or make a heel attachment to keep them steady.

4. Something Blue


Speaking of shoes, how about a unique way to honor that 'something blue' tradition? Paint the back of your shoes with blue nail polish. Isn't it fabulous?

5. Dessert Stand

Instagram | @mybestlifehacks

Why spend money on that three-tiered sweets stand when you can just DIY one yourself using a hot glue gun and some items from the dollar store.

6. Fake Flowers

We all know florists can charge large for those flower arrangement. So consider mixing in or using fake flowers for those centerpieces and other decorations.

7. DIY Placeholders

Instagram | @mybestlifehacks

Everyone loves some extra touches when it comes to decor on their wedding day. This cute DIY placeholder only uses wine corks, card stock, and fake flowers.

8. Summer Wedding Hack

Etsy | CreativeUnionDesign

Keep your guest cool during your hot summer wedding with this clever hack. Glue popsicle sticks to your programs so they double as fans. Wow!

9. DIY Centerpiece

Pinterest | MissPlanIt

Speaking of DIY decor, this dollar store hack is pure genius. I'm totally considering doing this for my wedding decor. It looks so pretty.

10. Keepsake Photo Frame


OMG, this is just amazing. Get all your wedding guests to sign a Jenga piece and glue it all to make a DIY keepsake photo frame.

11. Seating Chart


I have to admit I'm dreading the thought of arranging that seating chart so everyone is happy. So this sticky pad idea makes it so much easier.

12. Veil Hack

Thinking of having a veil on your wedding day? But what if it's really windy outside? Solve that by adding some magnetic veil weights. They exist? Amazing!

13. Dress Hack

Facebook | DJ Sweebly

How does one use the toilet in your wedding dress? Well, this lady cut a hole in an Ikea bag and it proved to be a genius hack.

I'm getting so many great ideas from these brilliant wedding hacks.

I never thought I would consider doing any DIYing but now I feel much more confident about it. Yay!