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Wedding 'Attack' Photos Are The Hilarious New Trend To Try On Your Big Day

I recently got engaged! Yippee! Now the wedding planning has gotten so crazy already. There are so many ideas swirling in my head. I admit this can become overwhelming.

Do I go traditional? Do I look outside the box? When I heard of the wedding 'attack' photo idea, a light bulb went off. Is this a fun idea or what?

1. Zombie Attack

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Couples are arranging unusual wedding photo shoots with their photographers. This one is of a zombie attack scene and it must've been hilarious!

2. Lightsaber Me

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This one seems totally made for those die-hard Star Wars fans (AKA me!). How fun is this AT-AT and snowspeeder scene?

3. Beach Chaos

Here's another Star Wars-themed attack party. This time no one is safe on the beach.

I must say, this bridal party really committed to their roles for this photo.

4. Street Runners

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It seems like Star Wars is the theme everyone is going for. Here's another awesome take on an AT-AT attack!

5. T-Rex Attack

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Who doesn't want a giant T-Rex in their wedding photo? This one looks like it comes straight out of a movie scene. Jurasic Park anyone?

6. Dino Scene

Just a random wedding on the streets of Pittsburg, no? Apparently, that wasn't good enough for this couple. T-Rex on the attack!

7. Running Scared

Jurassic Park must have had some effect on people, because this seems to be another popular wedding attack monster scene.

8. Sea Monster

Wanting something more vintage? Check out this attack photo. The looks on their faces are priceless. That's one way to make your beach wedding memorable.

9. Pug Attack

If a T-Rex or sea monster is not your thing, how about a giant scary pug?

Scary, but you've got to admit, it's also kind of cute.

10. Alien Invasion

Imgur | dannywise

I'm not a fan of aliens. But if creepy, bug-eyed, flying extraterrestrials float your boat here's the perfect inspiration for you.

11. Shark Attack

Imgur | Starecat

Just when you thought it was safe enough to go back to the water, think again. This attack photo is straight out of Jaws.

12. Who You Gonna Call?

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Where are those neighborhood Ghostbusters when you need them the most? Maybe they're too busy munching on your wedding cake.

13. Transformer Attack

Vivian Gown

How cool were those robot transformers in the movie? Well, maybe I would think twice if they were chasing me on my wedding day.

14. In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Diply | Joyce Kiddell

Had to include one more Star Wars-themed one! I love that they even managed to put in the Death Star. I wouldn't want to be caught in the middle of this galactic battle.

15. That T-Rex Looks Hungry

Diply | Joyce Kiddell

Anyone one else getting flashbacks to that scene in Jurassic Park where they're stuck in the jeep? That scene terrified me as a kid. This bridal party has the right idea... RUN!

This wedding attack photoshoot has me rethinking the whole traditional photos idea.

Now I need to find a photographer who can really knock this outta the park!

What do you think of this trend? Would you try it?