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10+ Pics That Show Why You Should Never Buy Clothes Online

So I might be a slight anomaly when it comes to shopping for clothes: I still really enjoy browsing an actual store because I need to touch and feel the fabric in my hands before I choose to buy something.

But online shopping has become so popular that I will often take a chance and order clothes on the internet. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out as we hoped. These people found out the hard way.

1. When You Show More Than You Wanted

OMG, I can't stop laughing at this. What exactly is going on here? This is the most ridiculous online shopping fail ever!

2. When Cute Clothes Just Don't Look So Cute

This outfit had so much potential, don't you think? But something might've gotten lost in translation on its way from China.

3. When You Look Like A Muppet

This is exactly what I'm talking about. If you can't touch the fabric and you're unsure just don't order it online. Lesson learned!

4. When You Get Fooled By Advertising

Online clothing stores are notorious for making all the clothes look so perfect but in reality, they end up looking totally cheap.

5. When Gravity Fails You

Again, in this case, on the model, it looks like everything would be in its rightful place only when you try it on, not so much.

6. When Size Does Matter

Let this be a warning to all you ladies out there shopping for undergarments online. Not all sizes run the same. A little too big?

7. When You Take A Chance

Sometimes a style looks so good that you end up taking a chance. But on the other hand, maybe you should think twice.

8. When You Desperately Want To Fit Into A Size Small

Ordering something online in a larger size can be a downer but when in doubt better size up.

9. When You Buy The Latest Trend

I'm all for trying the latest trends but when it comes to oversized items you're better off trying it out in store first.

10. When You Look Like A Sack Of Potatoes

I don't understand how this can happen. I mean what went wrong here? Can anyone explain this to me?

11. When Two People Can Fit In Your Item

So you did the right thing and ordered up because you wanted something roomier and you end up with this.

12. When You Get The Knock-off

This hoodie would have been so cute but what came was just a pitiful and cheap looking imitation. This kitty ain't happy!

13. When You've Got Two Left Feet

It's one thing to get fooled by a bad fabric choice but it's quite another when you end up with two left feet.

14. I love when I'm expecting something form fitting and smexy and instead I receive a swimsuit cover-up.

I mean, it's cute and all but absolutely not the same fit as the pic.

15. Being scammed? What a treat!

Twitter | @EarlCraig06

The ruffles on the sweatsuit are just a lil' outta control here, lol.

16. Waist definition? Who needs it?!

Twitter | @EarlCraig06

The sad strip of tulle sticking out at the bottom is making me laugh and cry at the same time.

17. Sorry, who has legs that long and thin? SLENDERMAN?

Twitter | @EarlCraig06

No offence to Slenderman, but WTF is happening here?

18. And last but not least, dogs can have fashion faux-PAWS as well.

Take this sweet dogs ill fitting baseball cap for example.

I'm screaming!

Okay so now I feel a little bit less weird about my aversion to online clothes shopping.

But really, can you blame me? When you see disasters like these it makes sense.