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9+ Fashion Design Fails That Made Us Facepalm

Almost every one of us has committed a fashion faux pas once in a while. But we can be excused especially if we made a mistake as a kid or just took a trend to the extreme level.

Although, it's an entirely different story when an article of clothing has been designed in a way that just looks too ridiculous to fathom.

Check out these designs and let me know if you would be caught dead wearing any of them.

1. When You're Looking For A Unique Evening Dress

Reddit | Zussow15

Would you pay $5000 bucks for this Balenciaga dress? No matter who the designer is, I still wouldn't wear it.

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2. When You Miss The Message

Reddit | LodlopSeputhChakk

I really don't want to know what happens when someone doesn't see the front because the message at the back is, quite dangerous.

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3. When Your Pants Become A Musical Instrument

Reddit | Katica123

This awesomely awkward design was seen on a fashion runway. Why would anyone want their pants to resemble an accordion beats me!

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4. When Your Clothes Make An Unintended Statement

Reddit | JohnnyJohnCowboyMan

Whoever thought this dress was an appropriate attire to interview the South African President? I wouldn't blame him if he couldn't focus.

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5. When Your Eyes Play Tricks On You

Reddit | EtjenGoda

I wish I could unsee this but somehow I think this look is going to give me nightmares. This is just wrong!

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6. When Your Dress Attracts Pigeons

Reddit | AppleOcelot

Do you see what I see? I dunno about you but why does this dress look like it has bird poop on it?

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7. When New Trends Go To Extreme

Reddit | ADogWithAHat

I know everyone is so obsessed with everything flamingo or unicorn but why would anyone want to wear these ridiculous shoes?

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8. When You Can Read Upside-Down

Reddit | PronouncedLikeRosie

I think the makers of this cozy "snow way" fleece dress forgot that most humans can't read things when they're written upside-down. Just sloppy!

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9. When You Always Wanted A Grown-Up Leotard

I know onesies and leotards are all the rage these days but somehow I don't think this would flatter anyone.

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10. When Things Just Don't Line Up

Reddit | Mennen12

Talk about sloppy designing here. This dress looks like it's been sown by a five-year-old. Oh no, it probably was!

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11. When You Have No Shape

Reddit | SuperSacks

Don't get me wrong but I think almost every woman wants to look like she's in great shape. So this disaster is just confusing.

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12. When You Look Like You Crapped Yourself

Reddit | clhomme

Talk about awkward placing here. Make sure you always check the back because this look is definitely an unintended bodily accident.

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13. When Your Clothes Give You A Wedgie

Reddit | ArieCat

If you're looking for a dress that makes you look like you have a permanent wedgie, this is your lucky day.

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Wow, I'm pretty speechless.


How did any of these make it to the market? And better yet, I would like to speak to anyone who bought one of them. Unbelievable!

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