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7+ Dads Who Are Totally Winning At Life

Being a dad can sometimes be no picnic. There are times when you really have to get creative to get stuff done especially when mom is not around.

These dads really took their tasks to heart and came up with some genius ideas to take care of their kids. Check it out.

1. When Cleaning The Toilet Is Such A Chore

Holy s**t! This is pure genius. Who knew you can use your drill to clean the toilet so quickly and efficiently? Wow!

2. When You Need To Feed Your Triplets At The Same Time

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I can't imagine having to feed three babies at once. But it looks like this dad has it down.

3. Child's Play

Ha, ha, ha check out this dad who tied a string to his kid's push carrier so he can let the kid roll and come back. LOL!

4. When You Need To Toast The Whole Loaf

Ah, those pesky small toasters never seem to get the job done right. This dad hack for the oven does work wonders though.

5. When You Want Virtual Reality

Every dad wants to give their kids the real experience. So this clever dad came up with a trick for this virtual reality game.

6. When Your Kid Wants To Ride A Horse

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Similarly, this dad wanted to give his little girl the real horseriding experience so he invented this clever and fun contraption.

7. When Dad Is The Chef

Moms usually get all the credit when it comes to home cooking. But sometimes dad's the genius when it comes to fast, yummy treats.

8. When You Need To Think Fast

Here's another super easy and inventive idea to create a cone shape out of a tortilla to make any tasty treat imaginable.

9. When You Need To Teach The Game

Teaching your kid to play baseball can be so tiring. So this dad's trick will surely save him some running around.

10. When You Need To Play The Game

Why carry around that heavy golf cart with all the clubs when you can easily create a substitute with your kids' stroller?

11. When You Need Snacks On The Go

Don't you just hate it when hunger strikes? This dad came up with a smart way to keep his burrito warmed up.

12. When You Don't Want Your Kid To Feel Left Out

Sometimes there are only so many free swings on the playground. So why not create a two-in-one instead?

13. When You Invent Boogie Board Backpacks

You know your dad is a genius when he invents something as cool as these nifty boogie board backpacks for the kiddos.

14. When Your Kid Won't Stop Crying

You know that old trick that parents use when their kid is crying to take them for a drive? Saving gas here!!!

15. When You're A Human Bag Carrier

Dads are already superhuman bag carriers, right? But seriously, this dad took that job to the extreme. Wouldn't you say? Oh, my word.

16. When Your Kid Won't Listen

You might as well say a bad word to a kid because they will just continue doing it anyway. So, say this instead.

17. When Safety Comes Before Your Burger

Keeping your kids safe when grilling is essential. So this dad who invented a BBQ safety gate is a winner in my book.

18. When You Forget The Baby Snuggie

Reddit | theangrystag

This dad obviously realized too late that he was missing something. But looks like his kid is not complaining. This is super cute.

My dad was always so inventive but I don't think I've ever seen him come up with stuff like this.

I gotta give these dads much-deserved props. Way to go!

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