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9+ Dads Who Are Having A Rough Day

Being a dad can be the best thing in the world. Your kids love you, everything is going just peachy and you're happy as a clam. On the other hand, when things go bad, they really really go bad.

If you're one of those dads that are having a rough kinda day, you're not alone. These dads found out the hard way that parenting can suck sometimes.

1. When They Just Won't Go To Bed

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Putting your kids to bed can be a total nightmare. The screams, the cries, and the pleading just go on forever!

2. When Day At The Beach Goes Wrong

Just when you're trying to be the coolest dad playing tricks you end up making a complete fool of yourself. Yikes!

3. When Mom Isn't Around To Bake Your Kid's Birthday Cake

Mom's not around, no problem. This is what happens when dad decides to become Betty Crocker for the day.

4. When Dad Tries Too Hard To Be An Athlete

You gotta give mad props to this pops for trying. How many times can you fall and get back up?

5. When Dad Dresses The Kid

Those little baby clothes can be tricky sometimes. But this dad clearly had some issues with putting on his kid's onesie backwards.

6. When You Realize You Messed Up Too Late

Yeah, your wife is not going to appreciate that one bit when she comes home to find her white sheets ruined.

7. When You Can't Wait To Show Off

Look what daddy can do! Clearly, this dad grossly overestimated his aim in this situation. Oh, that poor kid. #DadFail lol!

8. When You Leave Your Husband Alone To Watch The Kids

I wonder what mom said when she came home and found one of her kids in this predicament?

9. When Dad's Got Your Back

I dunno if this kid is going to remember this. I sincerely hope not. Because you always want your dad to have your back.

10. When Dad Tries To Style Hair

I feel bad for dads sometimes. Moms have an advantage when it comes to makeup and hair. But, hey, at least he tried.

11. When Size Does Matter

Oh no! I really feel bad for this big fella. I think he underestimated the power of his own body weight here. Dad: 0, Playground: 1.

12. When Sunblock Fails You

Is it the sunblock or is this dad's fail? Somehow I doubt this would happen if mom was putting on this kid's sunblock. Do you?

13. When You Try To Take A Cute Picture And The Kid Pees On You

So the wife thought this would be a cute one but he ain't laughing.

14. When Your Baby Won't Stop Farting In Your Face

Yes, this is the part of parenting none of the books warned you about. You can get inventive like this dad and wear a mask to cover the smell at least.

So you see any dad can have a bad day. As long as you try your hardest and know your kids love you who cares you screwed up royally today.

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