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10+ Unforgettable Prom Fails That Made It A Night To Remember

Prom time is always such a special time. I wouldn't know because I never went to mine. Boo hoo!!! But I can only imagine how much anticipation and preparation can go into this one event.

Sometimes though things don't exactly go as planned. And when that happens it can be either tragic or just plain hilarious.

1. When Your Boyfriend Embarrasses You

Twitter | @hwillisadams

Ha ha ha! I wouldn't want to be in this girl's shoes when she brings this picture home. The parents won't be too impressed.

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2. When You Show More Than You Want

Twitter | @tmcmoni

So you get a beautiful dress and your tailor forgets to actually alter it so you don't show all your goods. Whoops...

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3. When It Just Doesn't Look The Same

Here's another pitiful example of a dress that seemed to look fabulous online only to not work out in person. Tragic.

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4. When You Impress Your Date Unintentionally

Twitter | @lily_pad26

OMG, I would be mortified if this happened to me. Talk about making a long-lasting first impression. I bet he'll never forget that.

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5. When You Need To Get Your Deposit Back

Twitter | @SixBrownChicks

Wow, I'm not even sure what I'm looking at here. Is this an actual dress or road kill? #WorstDressEver.

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6. When The Date Starts On The Wrong Foot

Twitter | @TheRapperTco

Somehow I don't think this is what the girl had in mind when she said yes to her prom date.

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7. When You Fail At Being Romantic

Twitter | @hannapolakowski

Some girls are not that easy to impress. This date obviously didn't turn out as romantic as the guy had planned.

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8. When You And Your Date Don't Match

Twitter | @jkelly0589

OMG, I probably shouldn't laugh at this but I just can't help it. I just want to know how they slow danced. LOL. Too much!

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9. When You're Trying Too Hard To Get A Perfect Shot

Twitter | @OnAirWithRyan

People will do just about anything for that perfect picture but just try not to kill yourself. It's really not worth it.

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10. When Accidents Happen

Twitter | @Rochelle_1723

I so wouldn't want to be in this girl's shoes, or in this case, prom dress. Imagine walking around all night with people staring at you.

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11. When Dad Ruins The Date

Twitter | @nelsonmackenzie

This one literally takes the cake. Imagine showing up to pick up a girl only to have to fill out an application. Just weird!

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12. When You Buy Your Dress Online

This sounds like a nightmare. I'm always wary of buying clothes online and this prom dress is a real fail. So be careful!

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13. When You Blend In Unintentionally

Twitter | @emily_peiffer

Those prom pictures are such a great memento of the event. But when your dress matches the green screen it's never a good thing.

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Somehow I'm not as sad that I never made it to my prom.

Giphy | America's Funniest Home Videos

If it turned out like these disasters I would have been better off staying home. Right?

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When Your Date Is Wildin'

Reddit | my_other_account1

To be fair, she doesn't look that disappointed, but he looks WAY too happy with himself.

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"I went as a sophomore. My protective parents made us take pictures with a statue of the Virgin Mary."

Reddit | superfantastique

Oh God almighty... this is a lot to handle for prom lol. Imagine picking up your date, and their parents set this photo op up?

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Is This Really A Fail?

Reddit | undercome

"I made my tux and my date's dress out of Duct Tape."

Honestly, pretty freakin' cool, but maybe not for prom.

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This Is So Sad...

The least parents who homeschool can do is try to provide their kid with similar experiences to real schools!

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This Is Why Boys Can't Have Nice Things

Imagine waiting for your date in a glamorous mermaid style gown, only to see your date show up in his dad's fishing gear... LORD!

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Bubble Cart!

Reddit | Cogsy16

Honestly this is only a fail if you hate having fun, and looking hella cool compared to your boring peers.

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So Mean!

Then again, if I was dancing with my ex, I'm not sure I'd be snuggling up to them with doe eyes, either.

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Team Edward


I guess if you're gonna stan, you're gonna totally commit to stanning. That's true love right there!

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Pier Problems

Yahoo! News

About a dozen students from Kettle Moraine H.S. shuffled onto a pier to take prom photos, when suddenly the dock below them collapsed!

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