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Donald Trump Jr. Shared A Pornhub-Themed Meme Of His Father

Even as the internet allows humanity to come together like never before, it tears us apart as well. You don't have to spend much time on Twitter or Facebook to encounter tribalism at its ugliest. But that's human nature for you!

Still, some of the things people will do and say online in the name of their particular tribe can be strikingly bizarre — and decidedly cringeworthy.

It's no surprise that President Trump's son is one of this biggest and loudest supporters on social media.

He's known for posting just about anything and everything that he thinks will make his father look good and Democrats and/or liberals look bad. It's about what you'd expect. He loves his memes!

After Attorney General William Barr issued his summary of the Mueller report, the Trump family/campaign kicked into high gear.

Among the many things being shared around was a March Madness-style bracket of Trump critics — first published by the New York Post and also shared by the official Twitter account of Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Huckabee — accusing them of all being wrong, and suggesting that one might be more wrong than all the others.

Donald Trump Jr. also decided to try celebrating the supposed vindication even more with a Pornhub-themed meme that he posted as an Instagram story.

Instagram | @donaldtrumpjr

His father's face had been inserted into a Pornhub thumbnail, with a title of "Orange Man F**** Entire Democratic Party." Don Jr. captioned it, saying "I had to..."

You have to admit, not many sons would do that for their fathers.

Memes have been one of Donald Jr.'s favorite go-to's on social media, and while their effectiveness is questionable, connecting his father to porn seems odd, if not downright cringe-y.

Especially given his father's famous connection to adult film star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal.