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These Ikea Hacks Will Make Life So Much Easier

Ikea lovers rejoice! This Swedish store is known for so many useful products and reasonably priced items we can all use in our homes. Not only that but if you're very clever you can repurpose certain items and really make them your own.

Here I've got some great ideas for you to consider to get the best out of those Ikea items.

1. Organizing your shoes can be no fun.

Ikea Hackers

But here's a cool hack that you can use with some nifty Ikea items like the VARIERA containers, GRUNDTAL rails, and a few S-hooks.

2. Make laundry a breeze with this smart idea.

Ikea Hackers

Why not get the SUNNERSTA system to simplify and easily organize those laundry pods and other similar items?

3. Sometimes it's hard to find a cool design for all those knick-knacks like hats, scarves, gloves and even headphones.

Ikea Hackers

But repurposing this Ikea AXTORP winerack is a great idea.

4. Small spaces can be tricky to store items like shoes and socks.

Ikea Hackers

Here's an awesome idea to use the RIBBA picture ledge and LOSJON knobs for a shoe rack.

5. Do you have a small pet that needs help getting on his favorite couch?

Ikea Hackers

Well, you can just use Ikea crates and cushions to make steps for the pooch. Now he can join you when you watch Netflix.

6. Dogs can't have all the fun.

Photo 42

Create this cozy and snuggly bed for your cat out of the Ikea LEN fitted sheet and VYSSA mattress in just one minute.

7. I'm always running out of space in my kitchen.

Ikea Hackers

But with a little ingenuity, I can hack this slim pantry cabinet using two of Ikea's GNEDBY shelf units. How clever.

8. With so many electronic devices it can be hard to find the perfect charging station.

Ikea Hackers

So this person designed his own using only the Ikea IMMELN shower basket.

9. I never know where to store those clunky and long wrapping papers.

Interior Candy

I wish I knew I could just repurpose the Ikea VARIERA plastic bag dispenser. This is awesome!

10. Who would ever think of using an Ikea GULLIVER crib to turn it into a modern and useful computer desk?

Ikea Hackers

This person did. This is so imaginative.

12. Grow your own garden!


Would you believe if I told you this is the Ikea VURM wine rack hung up upside down to create a fun and creative DIY herb garden? Genius!

13. And if you're looking to add more flair to your regular and boring flower pots why not use the STENBAR plant pot with some legs for that added touch.

Fall For DIY

I love these! Definitely need to make a few for my home.

11. Parents are often looking for good ways to organize their kid's stuff.

Ikea Hackers

So turning this Ikea KALLAX 3 x 4 into a nifty school bag station is fabulous.

12. Keep your ribbons in order.

New Swedish Design

The ORDNING cuterly jar works perfectly as a ribbon dispenser so that your ribbons are always at hand and never tangled. I bet this would work for yarn, too!

I'm always so inspired when I see these types of clever repurposing hacks.

I could spend all day looking at stuff like this. Ha ha ha. I'm weird, I know!