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Here's How People Are Styling Ikea's Most Popular Bookcase

Ikea's iconic Billy bookcase just turned 40. This is their top-selling bookcase and it's easy to see why.

It's the most versatile bookcase around and some people really take organizing it very seriously.

I mean, really seriously! Just look at what creative home decorating ideas they came up with.

1. Clever Shoe Rack

OMG, look at all those shoes. I think even Carrie Bradshaw would have some shoes envy here. If only I had a shoe collection like this.

2. Color-Coordinated

Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Or did this person color-coordinate their book collection? Wow, I'm really impressed. I wanna read in this room.

3. Picture Perfect

I love how this person organized all their pictures using the Billy bookcase. And I'm also digging this uniform black and white color combination.

4. Oh Yarn!

Holy crap! Check out this amazing and colorful yarn studio. What a clever way to utilize the Billy bookcase. If only I knew how to knit.

5. Knick-Knacks

Moving was so stressful for me, especially when it came to getting rid of a lot of stuff. If only I had this to store all my knick-knacks.

6. Kitchen Love

This picture proves the true versatility of this bookcase. You can use it to store all your precious china, as well as glasses and cups.

7. Mix And Match

Mixing and matching is also a great idea when using the Billy bookcase. From books and plants to candleholders and vases. They all fit here beautifully.

8. Pop Of Color

I love a pop of color to make a room stand out. This beautiful array of books sure makes the room more inviting.

9. An Artful Display

Looks like the Ikea Billy bookcase can be an art lover's friend. I love how it compliments this very colorful and artful home decor.

10. A Bright Idea

How lovely and bright does this white bookcase look in this room? I'm obsessed with how clean and inviting this space seems to be.

11. This Cat's Meow

I love how playful this space is. Even though there's so much color nothing seems to clash. And the cat is loving it, too.

12. A Clean Look

This is a great clean and minimalistic look. What a great idea to store all your handmade items and baskets all in one place.

13. A Tall Order

Wow, this is quite the tall order. You definitely need a ladder to climb up this elaborate Billy bookcase. I hope you're not afraid of ladders.

These Billy bookcases are giving me some serious house envy.

Now I'm trying to figure out where I can fit one of these babies in my home.