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11+ Ikea Fails That Are So Relatable It Hurts

Furniture assembly should be an art form, don't you think? Personally, I really suck at it and that's why I usually get my dad to do the heavy duty work.

But if you do attempt to assemble your own furniture just make sure they don't turn out like these epic fails.

I thought Ikea was supposed to make life easier!

When Construction Goes Wrong

Sadly these people found out that it's never a good idea to leave out components when assembling a bookshelf and the books went tumbling down.

The Ikea Five-Minute Challenge Fail

I dunno why some people really believe that assembling stuff from Ikea is easy when it usually takes much longer than five minutes.

When It Just Doesn't Fit

There's nothing worse than giving yourself a pat on the back too soon, and then realizing after assembling the Ikea wardrobe that the shelves don't fit.

When You End Up With A Rocking Chair

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Somehow I don't think this person meant to get a rocking chair but it looks like that's what happened here, lol.

Don't Try To Sit On It

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Ha ha ha, I don't think this is how the chair was supposed to look. I think they must've assembled it blindfolded, no?

When You Create An Avalanche


Oh dear, I'm not sure what exactly happened here but somehow I don't think the records will be in impeccable shape after this.

When You Do The Slip And Slide

Here's another brilliant Ikea bookcase assembly job gone all wrong. I'm surprised this one is still standing after all that weight.

When Your Eyes Are Playing Tricks On You

This happens to all of us right? When we think stuff is straight only to realize it's actually not. Busted!

When You Miss A Step

It's never quite as apparent as it is when it comes to assembling Ikea furniture that you really need to follow steps to the tee.

When Assembly Hurts

When you don't succeed then try and try again. Clearly, some people don't know when to stop even when assembling Ikea furniture comes at a cost.

When You're Rack Gives Up

Okay, so I dunno if this is really an Ikea fail or a human error fail. There's only so much a clothing rack can handle.

When You Need A Nap

When it comes to assembling Ikea furniture, nobody will get mad at you if you eventually give up. Just take a nap and start over.

When Things Just Crack

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We have seen people cracking under pressure when trying to assemble Ikea furniture but this is the first time I've seen the furniture crack under pressure.

Next time you decide to shop at Ikea and feel so bold that you can do the furniture assembly yourself, just come back to this post and rethink your decision.

Ikea is budget-friendly, but putting their furniture together might cost you your sanity.