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9+ Clever Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

I know all too well that having a small kitchen with limited space can be so challenging. I'm constantly scratching my head for more storage ideas.

So when I stumbled upon these solutions, I just had to share. If anything can make my life a little easier, bring it on!

1. Peg Board

Using all the kitchen space such as your wall can be a huge space saver. Just look at this gorgeous kitchen peg board for fancy decor inspiration.

2. Sink Space


There's usually so much space under my kitchen sink. If I can utilize this space well with an expandable under-the-sink organizer, that will just rock my world.

3. Hidden Island

I'm all about creating more counter space for those elaborate and yummy home-made dinners. I have to add this hidden island idea to my budget.

4. Hanging Pots

For a cook like me, it's always hard to find space for all the pots and pans. But this hanging rack idea is so country chic.

5. Magnetic Knife Rack

Similarly, this simple magnetic knife rack is also such a neat space saver. Your inner chef will be so proud of you. Let's get chopping!

6. Wooden Accents

Here's another unique wood-inspired peg board idea. I love how this not only adds that needed space but also makes the kitchen so much prettier.

7. Baby Ready

The kitchen can get so much messier when the little one arrives. But this space-saving bottle and pacifier storage will make mom's life way easier.

8. Extra Wall Shelving

Running out of space shouldn't be a problem with this clever wall shelving. It packs so much room you'll get cooking in no time. Ikea for the win!

9. Veggie Racks

I never know what to do with all those fruits and veggies. A great idea for those bulky items can be stackable hanging racks such as these.

10. Stackable Shelves


When storage space is at a premium, I like to use stackable storage shelves. They definitely come in handy in areas like my fridge and freezer.

11. Tea Time


I'm a self-proclaimed tea hoarder who could possibly open a tea shop. I just fell in love with this pretty tea bag organizer.

12. Slide Out Storage Tower


Bottle hoarder anyone? This awesome slide out storage tower can come in handy when you run out of space in your already packed fridge.

13. Hanging Door Organizer


Utilizing all the space in my small kitchen is essential. I really dig these clever door organizers because they can serve so many purposes.

So many ideas, so little time.

I can't wait to implement these fun and handy storage solutions to make my kitchen make sense again! I'm so excited! Can you tell?