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11+ Embarrassing Fashion And Beauty Trends We All Loved As Teens

Fashion and beauty trends come and go and sometimes it's just better that they stay buried away — far, far away.

Do you remember some of the stuff you wore as a kid when you thought it was just the coolest thing? Only now you realize that it looked absolutely ridiculous. Let's take a look at some of those trends that seemed like such a great idea at the time.

1. Lip Liner Faux Pas

Getty Images | Omar Torres

I'm so guilty of this deplorable look. Now I'm horrified that I actually thought not matching your lip liner to your lipstick was super sexy.

2. Crimped Hair

When bad things happen to good people. It's sad to see that even Zac Efron couldn't pull off this ridiculous crimped hair look back in the day.

3. Crop Tops

Getty Images | Ron Wolfson

Crop tops were fun until you took it to the next level. There's just so much going on here with this shirt, Britney!

4. Tube Tops

Why, I say, why? Why in the world did we ever think the tube top trend was a fabulous idea? There are just no words left to say.

5. Oversized Flannel

For some strange reason, we all thought that oversized flannel shirt around your waist look was so hot but now we all want to burn those shirts.

6. The Bandana Look

This look may have started with Guns 'n' Roses but it continued with just about everybody. Somehow we all thought we looked so "gangsta" with a bandana on our head.

7. Scrunchies

Pinterest | Tianna Clifton

Another trend that all the cool girls were sporting. So, of course, I jumped on that bandwagon and got myself a pile of colorful scrunchies for every occasion.

8. Men's Turtlenecks

Getty Images | Jeff Kravitz

OMG, my ex used to wear a turtleneck and it used to drive me crazy. To this day I have nightmares about this awful fashion trend.

9. Layering Short Sleeves Over Long Sleeves


I love layering but this look doesn't really serve any purpose at all. And unless you're Jared Leto, you can't even pull it off.

10. Sweater Vest

YouTube | thefreshprincetube

Who can forget the Carlton sweater vest? I mean talk about an iconic look right? Just don't bring this look back ever again. Pretty please.

11. Overalls

Forget the skinny jeans trend how about the '90s overalls trend instead? How fun was that look? LOL. I think we better leave this one in the '90s.

12. Blue Eye Shadow

Getty Images | Carmen Valdes

I remember this look like it was yesterday. Somehow we thought that putting on bright blue eye shadow was the right thing to do. Wrong!

13. Butterfly Clips

I think if I look hard enough I might still find some of these lying around. They sure were cute but only if you were a little girl.

Did you fall fashion victim to any of these awful trends?

Don't feel too bad because it happens to the best of us. And there's always another trend right ahead.