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8+ Tattoo Trends That Only Look Good In Instagram Pics

Tattoos have officially broken into the mainstream, and Instagram is a major reason behind people's sudden desire to get inked.

However, even though there are some amazing tattoos popping up on our feeds, not all of these trends are ideal.

They might fade over time, or simply won't look like those pictures you see on social media.

Take a look at these popular tattoo trends that you should avoid.

White ink tattoos

These delicate and subtle tattoos do look cool, but unfortunately, they won't last long. These tattoos will fade and become invisible over time.

Also, exposing them to sunlight will cause the ink to turn yellow.

Finger tattoos

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Since you use your hands and fingers a lot, any tattoos placed here will fade more quickly than other placements.

Unless you're ready to pay for touch-ups, consider another option.

Watercolor tattoos

Watercolor tattoos look incredible, but this unique tattoo style doesn't always mean Instagram-worthy results.

The way the colors are lightly blended means that these tattoos will likely fade faster than other styles.

Tiny tattoos

Unsplash | Arian Darvishi

All tattoos "spread" or lose definition over time because of age and changes in your skin.

When these tiny, micro tattoos spread, it can really warp the design and make it unrecognizable.

Ear tattoos

Ear tattoos are one of the newest tattoo trends, but you should consider them carefully.

Cartilage is more difficult to tattoo than regular skin and the ink has a harder time absorbing. Just admire this trend in photos on the 'gram.

Tattoos with no black ink

Black lines in a tattoo help define and anchor the design. Without any black ink, these designs lose their sharpness and become fuzzy over time.

This means that they can be harder to retouch later on, too.

Small lettering

Certain fonts and text sizes look great at first, but can soon become impossible to read as the ink fades and spreads.

If you really want lettering, ask your tattoo artist for recommendations.

Grayscale tattoos

Unsplash | Najib Kalil

Those black and gray tattoos you see posted on Instagram aren't reflective of how these designs look in real life.

The contrast in these designs isn't as sharp as what you see online, especially as the design heals.

Stipple tattoos

Stippling is a technique where small dots are used to create an image and the shading.

These designs look really cool when they're fresh, but even small ink dots will spread so, after awhile your design could look fuzzy and lack those small details.

Feet tattoos

Unsplash | √Čtienne Beauregard-Riverin

Your feet are another area that get used a lot, and because of friction, tattoos placed here will fade and spread faster than other parts of the body.

Plus, if you wear a lot of sandals, sun exposure will fade tattoos, as well.