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People Are Upgrading Porta Potties Just In Time For Wedding Season

Wedding planning can get so stressful. I know all too well about it since I just recently got engaged.

It can be especially difficult to organize and decorate things when planning an outdoor event or out-of-town location.

I recently came across an idea to decorate porta potties so your guests can be more comfortable. Honestly, I never even thought about this but now that I see it, I think it's a fabulous idea.

Why have ugly looking porta potties cramping your style at the wedding?

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You can have a pretty white tent that looks so inviting and fits the occasion instead!

Having a wedding at a unique farm location can be so fun and different.

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I love the idea of such a rustic and relaxing seating area near the potty.

OMG, this idea is so genius.

Here they created a fancy powder room with wooden doors to disguise what would normally be just an ordinary porta potty set-up.

Here's another clever idea to pretty-up and create a special area for your wedding guests to go to use the bathroom.

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Complete with comfy wicker chairs!

Wow, I'm pretty blown away by this grand porta potty set-up.

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Whoever came up with this original idea definitely deserves a pat on the back. This is so awesome!

If you're looking for that wedding simplicity that also has a luxurious touch, adding a few special decorations can make all the difference as we can see in this example.

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These trees add just the right amount of decor.

This rustic outhouse idea comes off as so fun and cheeky.


It makes going to the porta potty so much less dreadful, that's for sure. I'm really digging this.

Even if you end up with just plain looking porta potties there are ways to dress them up by creating a super festive and rustic washing up area.


A great way to upcycle wooden pallets, too!

And if you're after that truly luxurious porta potty experience, why not go all out?


This one comes equipped with marble counters, wall-to-wall carpeting, satellite radio, and flat-panel TVs. Wowza!

Sometimes all you need is a clever disguise.

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I love how simple yet inviting this porta potty looks. And it's the perfect decor for that barn-inspired wedding idea.

Nobody wants a plain looking porta potty at their wedding.

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Don't overlook the small stuff. Easily dress it up with flowers and other special details like we see here.

Give your wedding porta potty that home-feel makeover.

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This one is so inviting with fun details like the privacy curtain, butterfly decals, and a fluffy toilet seat cover.

When the porta potty area looks better than the actual wedding.

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Ha ha ha! With this one, you better make sure the reception area is also impeccable, or I'll just hang here all night!

This really takes wedding planning to the next level.

Who knew porta potties could look so festive. I might just use one of these awesome ideas at my upcoming wedding.