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Women Are Ditching Diamonds For These Unique Engagement Rings Instead

If you're one of those brides who really wants to stand out, listen up. When it comes to engagement rings there are so many non-traditional options. From unique designs to colorful options and diamond alternatives.

Below we gathered a list of interesting and spectacular ideas to fit even the most discerning brides-to-be.

1. Try Sapphire

Who says only a diamond can be a girl's best friend? For a truly unique statement ring why not look into a beautiful rose gold and pink sapphire ring instead.

2. A Different Shade

Speaking of sapphires, did you know they come in a variety of colors? Pick the one that appeals to you for that added extra touch.

3. Go Vintage

A vintage-inspired wedding is definitely one to remember. So why not coordinate your ring to go with your special event? It'll be an unforgettable day!

4. Stack It Up

Some of the most unique rings have been created using the stacking technique. By adding bands around the ring it goes from traditional to a stand-out.

5. Boho Is The Word

Are you a bohemian beauty at heart? We know your wild spirit can't be tamed even when it comes to your wedding ring.

6. Ruby Red

Is flower power your call in life? For that bride who loves all things floral, a ruby red ring resembling a rose is the way to go.

7. Unique Shape

We all come in various shapes and sizes, and so do rings. There are so many different shapes that can work beautifully like this gorgeous pear-shaped beauty.

8. An Intricate Band

For a bride who likes to keep things simple, why not pick an intricate band instead? Since the stone is simple, the band becomes the main attraction.

9. Say It With Love

A ring truly fit for those romantic brides who put their hearts on their sleeves. Your love will really be on display with this pretty design.

10. Dark But Beautiful

Not every bride is into flowers and pastels. Some ladies lean towards the darker palettes. This unearthed, raw green diamond is still very classy.

11. A Ring Fit For A Queen

Looking for that regal kind of statement ring? Why not try on an elaborate ring befitting only the highest of society.

12. Be Bold

This ring is definitely no shrinking violet. A bride who wears this stunner means business, and she's not afraid to show it.

13. A Different Gemstone

Why should diamonds have all the fun? There are other gorgeous gemstones like this Australian white opal that can look stunning on your finger.

14. Natural Quartz Crystal

If that diamond look is what you're looking for but not the real thing, opt for a similar looking Herkimer natural quartz crystal.

15. Be Unique

Whatever ring you end up with, make sure it's just as special as you are. Go with your gut and pick what feels right for you.

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