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10+ Unedited Celeb Photos That Show Their Natural Skin

We all know that bad skin can just pop out of nowhere, but imagine if this happens to you when you're a celebrity.

While some stars would be mortified to be caught with a bad case of acne, others seem to do the opposite and just embrace it.

And there are those who go out of their way to talk about their difficult skin conditions like these honest stars.

1. Kendall Jenner

Getty Images | Frederick M. Brown

Kendall Jenner has struggled with acne for years and even called the skin condition, "debilitating". She works with a dermatologist to keep her skin healthy.

2. Lucy Hale

Instagram | @lucyhale

Lucy Hale has opened up about her struggle with acne on Instagram. I'm glad she has a sense of humor about it.

3. Maria Menounos

Instagram | @mariamenounos

Talk about getting real. That's exactly what Maria Menounos did when she shared on Instagram her not-so-sexy nightly acne cream and mouth guard routine.

4. Miley Cyrus

Instagram | @mileycyrus

Some celebrities are never shy about sharing even the most private aspects of their life. Miley Cyrus is one of those people. Showing off acne is A-OK for Miley!

5. Bella Thorne

Instagram | @bellathorne

It's awesome to see that Bella Thorne can be so candid about her skin troubles. After all, she's beloved by many young Shake It Up fans.

6. Cameron Diaz

Instagram | @camerondiaz

Cameron Diaz talked about her long acne struggles in her health guide The Body Book. She admitted to eating too much junk food as a young woman.

7. Mindy Kaling

Instagram | @mindykaling

Acne can be a life-long struggle for some. Cue in Mindy Kaling, who even in her thirties, can't seem to get rid of acne that easily.

8. Kim Kardashian

Instagram | @kimkardashian

This girl is no stranger to frequent over-sharing. So the fact that she shared her psoriasis outbreak is no surprise to me here. Through sharing, she's spreading awareness about this condition.

9. Constance Zimmer

Even though her show Unreal is all about creating the perfect illusion, life got real for this funny lady when her skin broke out.

10. Bekah Martinez

This 24-year-old star from The Bachelor finally found a cure for her long battle with acne. She credits a diet change with her return to clear skin.

11. Suki Waterhouse

Instagram | @sukiwaterhouse

Some celebrities turn their acne nightmares into fun. That's what Suki Waterhouse did hanging out on Instagram with her girlfriend while they patched up their acne spots.

12. Rachel Bloom

Instagram | @racheldoesstuff

Having that hectic work schedule can wreak havoc on your skin. That's what seemed to trigger a bad case of acne breakout for this Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator.

13. Daisy Ridley

Instagram | @daisyridley

This talented Star Wars actress admitted to having endometriosis and thus challenging skin issues associated with it. She tackles it with a mask and a smile.

So you see you're not the only one having skin issues.

Seems that celebrities are normal people, too. And it's great to see they can take their challenges in stride.