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Model Uses Her Instagram Account To Show Off Her Body's 'Flaws'

Social media allows people to post photos of the best version of themselves, but we need a reminder that their versions might not always be the most honest portrayals.

Karina Irby is a model and the owner and designer behind Moana Bikini.

Instagram | @karinairby

In 2018, the 28-year-old made it her goal to normalize eczema, a skin condition she suffers from, in her business' and personal photos.

This mission has expanded to embracing and showing off her other so-called "flaws".

Karina has created an honest platform to share photos with her 1 million followers!

Instagram | @karinairby

She regularly posts pictures of her stretch marks, cellulite, and eczema.

Her unedited photos are helping the body positivity movement go in the right direction.

Take this before-and-after photo, for instance.

How many times have you seen a photo like the one on the left pop up in your Instagram feed?

While models' photos like this are common, Karina shows the reality of this shot by turning to the side to flaunt her bloated belly.

Karina has also been brutally honest when it comes to dealing with her eczema.

Instagram | @karinairby

She said that it took her years to get the courage to show off her legs due to the scarring on her skin.

Now, she is leading the way for others who have this condition and struggle with it.

Instagram | @karinairby

With such a huge platform, Karina is helping her followers feel more comfortable in their skin.

Her future hubby @ryanjonestown is also a big advocate of the movement.

Instagram | @karinairby

See this pair lookin so cute and confident on the beach?!

True couple goals right there.

Karina recently began treating her skin condition with a bath of coconut oil and potassium permanganate.

Even though her skin has shown improvement, accepting it has been a struggle and Karina hopes she can help others by being open about it.

She also gets real when it comes to her cellulite.

Her cellulite doesn't stop her from showing off her swimsuit designs with confidence.

"The ONLY reason I have cellulite is because a small body couldn’t store all this AWESOME personality," she captioned this photo on Instagram.

She also wants to remind people that everyone has rolls and curves.

The thing I love most about Karina's photos is that she never takes herself too seriously. She just has fun while inspiring others to be more body positive.

Just a friendly reminder that everyone bloats.

Instagram | @karinairby

Again, we're so used to seeing flat tummies on people's social media accounts that we forget that EVERYONE bloats and no one looks picture-perfect 100% of the time.

Also a friendly reminder that it's okay to eat foods you love.

You are so much more than your cellulite and scars.

It's crazy that normal, human things like stomach rolls and bloating have been stigmatized as a bad thing.

EVERYONE has stomach rolls when they sit! It's called being human, y'all.

We're applauding Karina for her honesty and humor.

We've taken a lot of steps in the last few years towards body positivity, but there's still so much more work to be done.

People like Karina will continue to lead us in the right direction.

Instagram | @karinairby

And hopefully some day soon, unedited bikini photos like Karina's will become the new social media norm.

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