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Model Shares The Secret Behind Those Perfect Social Media Photos

We see more images in our lives now than every before and social media is a big reason for that.

Images flood our feeds and we spend hours every day scrolling through them

Seeing all these picture-perfect posts can have a negative effect on our own outlook when it comes to our bodies.

Now one model is sharing with her fans the reality behind her Instagram pictures and it's so refreshing.

Amanda Defrance is a former model with a large social media following.

She goes by the name @curvyllama on Instagram where she has over 30,000 followers. Even though she currently isn't modeling professionally, she still posts pictures from her daily life.

Amanda is also active on Twitch, a video game streaming site.

On that platform she has over 120,000 followers so it's safe to say that Amanda has a pretty impressive social media following.

For the most part, Amanda posts about her trips and provides her fans with updates on conferences she'll be attending.

Since she's a big star in the video game world, she often does live appearances at fan expos and conventions.

Like a lot of Instagram models, Amanda posts pictures like this.

These posts have taken over people's social media feeds and sometimes it feels that we're bombarded with images of beautiful women.

These images can have a negative effect on people's self-esteem and can create unrealistic body standards.

In a recent post, Amanda set the record straight on those posts.

Instagram | @curvyllama

She shared this image, which looks pretty similar to a lot of her other modeling images, to be perfectly honest. However, when users swiped on Instagram, they saw the truth behind this photo.

Here's Amanda, proudly showing off her body, belly rolls and all.

Instagram | @curvyllama

Like a lot of Instagram photos, the previous one was staged to give Amanda the most flattering angle. It's amazing how much you can alter the truth of a photo with a few tweaks here and there.

"Don't get down on yourself cause you think people live or look they way they do on Instagram or Twitter," she wrote in the caption for the photo.

She wanted to remind her fans not to believe every photo they see online.

"People only show you the best version of themselves on social media. Including me!" she said.

Her fans were loving this honest picture.

Instagram | @curvyllama

Everyone feels pressured to meet up to the expectations of social media. I wish more celebrities and models would share photos like this!

It's an important reminder that no one is as perfect as their social media profiles.

Instagram | @curvyllama

We're so used to seeing these perfect images that we think they're the norm and forget that people only post their most flattering pics. This was a much-needed reality check.

Thank you for shedding some light on this issue, Amanda.

We hope that more influencers follow in your footsteps and get real about what goes into making those "perfect" Instagram posts.