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Houses Made From Old Shipping Containers Are The New Trend In Tiny Homes

Tiny homes have been all the rage the past few years and it's easy to see why they're appealing. They're low-maintenance, affordable, and you can't deny how cute they are.

The newest trend for tiny homes is here and it's taking the popularity of these small dwellings one step further by making them eco-friendly. That's because these homes are made from upcycled shipping containers.

Welcome to your new home!

Honombo | Honombo

Is this what you pictured when I said, "shipping container home"? Probably not.

This sleek design is known as the HO4 from Honombo. It features two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

How gorgeous is this?


Here's an inside look at the HO4 and I think I'm ready to move into this swanky shipping container.

Honomobo's shipping container homes are also able to run on solar energy so this home is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional ones.

A lot of people turn shipping containers into a cottage or cabin.

Facebook | Blocks Containers Structures

How cute is this red cabin from Blocks Containers Structures? It would be perfect for a weekend away or as a home for someone who wants to be surrounded by nature.

Don't underestimate its small size.

Facebook | Blocks Containers Structures

Inside, there's a fully-functioning kitchen and plenty of space to make yourself at home. Alright, I'm ready to move in! Although, I might need to pull a Marie Kondo on my closet before moving in here.

You would never guess that these homes used to be shipping containers.

IQ Container Homes

Shipping containers are massive, and many of them sit empty and unused for years. These homes are a great way to reuse them and turn them into something beautiful.

You definitely wouldn't feel like you're living in a box, either.

IQ Container Homes

If the idea of living in a shipping container makes you feel claustrophobic, these homes feature lots of windows and bright lights. I can't believe how open and spacious they are.

You can also add fun features like a rooftop patio.

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Imagine lounging out on this roof with friends? You definitely can't do that with a regular house. Well... I guess you could, but it is not recommended.

The inside is just as adorable.

Instagram | @backcountrycontainers

I love the rustic accents and features like that sliding door leading to the bathroom. This is country chic done right.

Best of all, these shipping container homes are super affordable.

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These homes typically start at around $50,000 and can go as high as $100,000 depending on how many extra features you get and the size.

That's still a lot cheaper than most homes on the market now. I think I need to buy one of these homes ASAP!

If you’re looking to move your family into one of these awesome little homes, fear not!


Honombo offers an even more spacious model — the HO5+ — made from five shipping containers, it boasts enough room to house the whole family.

The floor plan features three bedrooms, an ensuite, a den, and an additional option to build a garage or basement.


There’s also a living room, dining room, a kitchen, plus massive glass walls to bring it all together!

If you aren’t ready to take the plunge into a fully-loaded shipping container home, you might be more inclined to their accessory options.


Ever dreamt of a personalized home bar? Look no further.

Explore the possibility of having an awesome home bar in your backyard, or at the cottage.


Whether you’re lounging by the pool, or kickin’ it out back, there’s something so cool about this little mini bar.

Whether you want to live luxuriously, or lay low in a basic home, these shipping containers can make it all happen!

Tomecek Studio

It's all about what you can dream up for yourself.

Would you consider these containers during your house hunt? Let us know!