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People Share The Weird Things Found In The Walls When They Renovated Their Homes

Renovations can be an ordeal on their own. People don't expect to find hidden objects in the walls when they begin this process on top of everything else.

Through the power of the internet, people are sharing these hidden gems. Some are cool, some are funny, and some honestly creeped me right out.

This newspaper from 1944.

Reddit | flexxxy

This is basically like finding a piece of history preserved in your house. It's so crazy to think that this newspaper survived after all these years.

This soda can from the 1970s.

Reddit | RAS7331

It might not be hidden treasure or worth a fortune but I still think this vintage can is cool. I love the font and colors!

This Finnish rock band poster.

Reddit | BaronBrown18

This might just be the most random item on the list, but it still has its charm. How come guys don't have hair like this anymore? I blame the man bun.

A letter from a little boy dated in 1969.

Reddit | Persephone_Bash

The writer of this letter placed it in the wall when he was helping his dad fix the sink. Decades later someone found it and shared the letter on Reddit.

This locket and ring.

Reddit | RadiantQA

Now, this is more like treasure. They weren't left by pirates, though. They are a Masonic ring and Scottish Rite ring. Still pretty cool, if you ask me.

This vintage Disney wallpaper.

Reddit | Bobbyrichmon

Finding old wallpaper during a renovation is to be expected, but I adore this vintage Disney print. I wonder if there would be some way to restore or preserve the design?

“My parents recently found a note I wrote when I was 12 and stuck between the chimney bricks.“

Imgur | NeedsMoreTuba

"It's pretty funny," they said. "We made copies and I told them to put it back where they found it."

Another Redditor told their own (creepier) story, "My parents bought an old house and did a major reno when I was a kid..."

Unsplash | Velizar Ivanov

"Our builder tore down everything but the basement foundation. Somewhere in the rubble, one of the workers found a Sucrets or Altoids tin soldered shut. Inside it were a couple of negative strips, showing a bride and groom, presumably on their wedding day, alongside a bullet and a spent cartridge."

A sweet gesture left for the future.

Reddit | Musicferret

A beer, a cola, and a note that reads, “To whoever finds this note, enjoy! From: Red, Fay, Daryal + Ed. Feb 24 - 1991.”

One couple found a few mysterious suitcases while renovating their home, and decided to crack them open.

Imgur | Branik12

To their delight, the cases were completely stacked with 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills!

Sometimes, though, it gets REALLY creepy. This young man found a hidden crawl space in his attic that led to a locked door.

Reddit | lmbrjack

Once inside the locked room, the man found a collection of weird items that left Redditors clutching their pearls.

The first thing he saw was a large, black safe.

Reddit | lmbrjack

He described the interior as a completely sound-proofed, draped with a white tarp, and a raised area the size of a single bed surrounded by four outlets.

There was also a briefcase with a wooden box, envelopes, paper currencies from around the world, and four 1 oz silver ingots.

Reddit | lmbrjack

Inside that black safe, though, is where things took a creepy turn.

The safe was full of tapes.

Reddit | lmbrjack

One was labelled “No, no, no, no, no.”

There was also an inked note that read, “Save yourself,” which is always a good sign. Yikes!

According to the original Redditor who shared these photos, he was asked by local police not to share more details about the space, as it has become part of a sensitive case!

Looks like this person is eating their overalls!

Reddit | AngeB1818

"It's the 5th October 1997. If the Spice Girls are still popular next time this rooms [sic] decorated I'll eat my overalls."

Wow. That's a pretty powerful promise, and very dangerous!

I'm just curious how garbage or unfinished food and drink ends up in walls.

Reddit | cannotseecolor

Did someone just build around this old McDonald's cup? If so, kudos to them.

What did people have against the 1988 Olympics to go as far as sticking branded McDonald's trash in walls?

Reddit | OhPlums

Bonus points if you find food inside.

This Redditor found walled-in mailboxes in their home during renovations.

Reddit | eibekuchen

You've got lots of mail, am I right?

No, that is not someone's homework they were trying to bury in 2009.

Reddit | franklesteinex1

It's someone's homework they tried to bury in 1909, a hundred years earlier.

See, it doesn't matter what generation you're from. Homework sucks no matter what.

"The Mixture," a horror film by George E. Broomhead.

Reddit | onlynik

I am so fascinated by vintage medicines and tinctures. Who even knows what lies within this bottle!

Don't try to find out, though.

Someone found the carcass of a bird while renovating.

Reddit | secretsqurriels

That would seriously freak me right out. Poor bird!

I'm so curious how these murals stay intact during the previous owners' own renovations.

Reddit | J_A_Prufrock5

What a sweet surprise!

Check out this detailed mural, though.

Reddit | NulloK

When you can't find the right sized frames, just paint your own right on the wall!

Usually when I come across a fortune, I take it as a sign from the universe.

Imgur | thebeekeeper777

Maybe this Redditor needed to see that message.

This massive beehive.

Reddit | blokeman

If I found this in the wall of my house, I think I would have nightmares forever. This thing is huuuuuuge.

Okay, let's move on because I can't look at it anymore.

Take a look at this note and photo that another couple found during their renovations.

Twitter | @Jess_Monney

The note says, "If you're reading this, that means you're remodeling the bathroom again. What's wrong with the way we did it?!?!?" It was left by the home's previous owners.

I love that they left something funny for the new owners to find. See not everything you find in the walls is terrifying... right?

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