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You Can Become A Homeowner With A Tiny Home Kit From Amazon

If you've ever watched an episode of Tiny House Hunters you may have found yourself wishing that you could own a tiny house of your own.

Thanks to Amazon, you can. The site has a number of tiny house options available to order and they are super cute and affordable.

Take a look at these tiny homes from Amazon and just try not ordering one for yourself.

This is the Timberline cabin kit from Allwood.


It's one of the many tiny home kits available from Allwood on Amazon.

Before you ask, yes, there is some (okay a lot) of assembly required with these kits.

This one retails for about $30,000 but that's a steal for a house.

Here's the layout of the Timberline cabin.


Honestly, I could see myself living in one of these. It's pretty cute, no? And no mortgage, which is a huge bonus.

The Nordica cabin kit comes with a loft.


How cozy and chic does this loft look? I would love to get comfy with a book and read in that little nook all day long.

And here's what the inside of the Lillevilla Escape.

  1. Am. Loving. This. Tiny. Home.

Seriously, it's so cute!

Now, most people don't actually live in these year-round. Many people put them in their backyard for a social area, but still, I want one!

There are actually a few tiny home options on Amazon.


MODS, another tiny home company, makes theirs out of shipping containers. I know the outside doesn't look like much, but the inside is actually quite nice.

See what I mean?


You would have never have guessed that this was inside a shipping container, right? I think I could live in one of these.

Now that people know that you can order a tiny house from Amazon, naturally there are a few questions.

This Twitter user did bring up a good point. Where would one have their tiny home delivered if they were planning on using this as their home?

Hmmm... let me know if anyone figures this out.

This woman is thinking what I'm thinking.

Yes, I want to add one to my registry, too! C'mon they aren't that expensive. I'm sure one of my wedding guests would love to get one for me.

What do you think? Would you buy a tiny home?