This Knitting Machine Allows You To 3D Print Your Own Clothes

Knitting can be a great way to keep your hands busy while binging the latest Netflix Original, but depending on your skill, the results may be poor, or take so long to complete that it's no longer sweater weather. A new machine launched on Kickstarter last week aims to bring the high-tech power of 3D printing to the textile world, allowing you to design and print your own clothing with just an app.

It's called Kniterate, and in only the first few days of the campaign, it's more than doubled its goal

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People are really flipping over how great the results are. This red sweater dress took only 5 hours to print.

You don't have to be limited to a single color of wool, either. 

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If you can think of a cool design, you can create it. The machine can use up to six different colors or materials at once.

The machine isn't cheap, but at a tenth of the price of an industrial knitting machine and its compact size, it's perfect for a home workshop.

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The machine comes with tons of templates, or you can design a pattern from scratch.

You can even knit shoes! 

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There will also be a Kniterate community launched, where users can share their designs and templates with each other!

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