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15+ Everyday Items With Unusual Hidden Features

Some designers are pretty freaking genius. They go beyond the call of duty and add a few hidden features to their designs that only a chosen few know about. But don't worry! We're here to uncover all the unusual hidden features of everyday things so you can enjoy them, too.

Even if you've been doing it wrong your entire life, now is the chance to give it a try! Here are some of our favorite unusual features on everyday household things.

1. Chinese takeout boxes are designed so you can use them as a plate!

Reddit | bobalmigty

All you have to do is remove the metal handle and unfold. Now you don't have to worry about leaving any noodles behind!

2. If you've ever been victimized by a straw hitting you in the nose or disappearing into your can, this is for you.

Reddit | TriggerHoppe

Just place the straw through the tab on the can to stop it from bopping about.

3. If you're ever without a spoon, you don't have to look like a fool trying to slurp applesauce up with your tongue.

Reddit | IRunOverThings

Just turn the lid into a makeshift spoon and you are GOLDEN.

4. The little plastic part that helps keep the lid closed is also the perfect size to hold a little Tic Tac.

Twitter | @oxruon

I don't know who only eats one Tic Tac at a time (minimum four over here!), but if that's how you roll, this is for you.

5. Most people use dental floss and get it all tangled up in their hands.

Reddit | Simonific

If you just tie the two ends together, you'll have a much easier time and won't hurt your hands!

6. Who else uses the drawer under their oven as storage for pans and lids?

Clean Green Start | Clean Green Start

When I learned that the area under the oven was actually meant to warm food, it was mindblowing. I still don't use it for that purpose whatsoever.

7. You could wrap the cord around itself, or you could use the two plastic feet on the charger instead.

Twitter | @_tsenrE

That's what they're meant for, anyway! If you wrap it around the two feet on the main charging block, you're less likely to ruin your (expensive AF) cord.

8. There's actually a use for this weird dent!

Reddit | epic4evr11

It's created when the mold is made to make sure an accurate amount of milk goes in once the mold cools. Got Milk?!

9. The grooves on the "F" and the "J" are placed there on purpose.

StackExchange | StackExchange

If you are talented enough not to have to look at the keys when you type, the "F" and the "J" keys are where your fingers go to reset. It helps you know exactly where on the keyboard your fingers are!

10. Did you know that athletes used to play basketball in Converse All-Stars?

Wimp | Wimp

That's why there are two extra holes there. While they're good for ventilation, they also help tie the laces tighter so no one rolls an ankle.

11. Get more out of your ketchup cups!

Pinterest | Pinterest

Do you know what sucks? Trying to dip a fresh Chicken McNugget into a ketchup cup and it doesn't fit! But if you unravel the ketchup cup just a bit, it's a perfect match.

Whoever invented this is a total genius!

12. Remember those plastic things on the inside of a bottle cap that would tell you if you won another soda or a new TV?

Photos Public Domain

It actually seals the bottle, helping keep the carbonation in.

I fed my Barbies with these, pretending they were plates. Guess they have a better purpose than that!

13. Raise your hand if you hate warm beer!

Rebel Circus | Rebel Circus

Did you just raise a hand that was wrapped around the label of your beer bottle? That's WHY it's warm. You should always hold your bottles at the neck!

14. That little hole on elevator doors actually has a very important use.

Reddit | bennytehcat

If the doors ever get stuck and can't open automatically, the hole is there to help operators open the doors manually if necessary. It's random, but it makes a lot of sense!

15. Did you know the hole in these lids has a major purpose?

Imgur | DaveGrohlsBrokenLeg

The design of these pen lids has a hole in it just in case you accidentally swallow it. Considering so many people chew on the back of their pens, these could save your life!

16. Running low on fuel?


If you're driving a new car and need to fill up on gas, be sure to look for the small arrow on your gas gauge before you pull into the station. This handy arrow tells you which side to pump on. Smart!

17. that's what those are for!

Parents, prepare to have your mind blown. You know how baby onesies have those weird flaps on the shoulders? They actually have a purpose. They're there to make it easier to slide off the onesie in the event of a poop explosion or other accident. You're welcome.

18. Why am I just learning about this now?

Unsplash | Erik Mclean

Put your hand up if you thought that black film on your microwave door was just...I dunno, a design? It actually has a really important purpose. As it turns out, this film is called a Faraday cage and blocks electromagnetic fields. Whoa!

19. Even your McFlurry spoon has a secret purpose.


Have you ever wondered why your McFlurry spoon is square and hollow? The reason is simple: The spoon actually attaches to a machine that mixes the McFlurry toppings together in the cup.

20. Three handles are better than two.

Wikimedia Commons

The origin of these three-handled containers comes from the military. If a soldier was carrying the container by himself, he would use the middle handle. However, if the container was heavy, two soldiers could use the two outer handles to carry it together. Teamwork makes the dream work.

21. Up until this point, those tiny jean pockets seemed useless, right?


That wasn't always the case, though! Those little pockets used to hold...pocket watches! Now, they're just there for tradition and decorative purposes.

22. Even your car seat headrest has a secret purpose!

Unsplash | panitan punpuang

We all know car seats are designed with our safety in mind. However, if you find yourself trapped in your car, you can use a detachable headrest to break open the window. Jam the headrest's metal leg between the window and the frame, and the window should break.

23. This feature was news to me.

Reddit | leviathanfrnk

If you've ever made microwavable instant rice, you've probably struggled with keeping the package upright. As it turns out, there are flaps that fold out from the bottom to create a nice, sturdy base. Why didn't I know this sooner?

Which of these unusual features tripped you up? The more you know!


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