10+ Things That Happen On American Television That Other Countries Find Weird

It can be easy to assume that how things are done on television here is how they are done everywhere but that's not necessarily true at all.

People from other countries have been talking about the things that happen on American television that are really strange, and what they have to say is pretty interesting.

Here are the 10+ things that happen on American television that other countries find weird.

Film car scenes in the studio.


One person asked why so many driving scenes on television are shot in a studio when it obviously looks fake.

The answer is likely just that it's easier and a lot cheaper, but we agree that these sequences absolutely look ridiculous.

Wearing shoes in bed.

When it comes to doing everyday things, television is often pretty inaccurate.

Most people don't wear their shoes in bed, and it's definitely pretty gross to think about. It's kind of like how so many women on TV and in movies go to bed with perfect hair and make-up.

Way too many commercials.


If you're trying to watch cable television, you just know there are going to be so many commercials. While everyone agrees this is annoying, it's apparently not this way in all countries.

We are a little jealous of people who don't have to deal with this!

The color of the eggs we eat.

One Twitter user questioned why the eggs Americans eat on TV are white and wondered if this is true in real life.

This might throw many Americans for a loop because most eggs we get from the grocery store are a bright white color, but there are other varieties of eggs out there that are light brown.

Give British people fancy names.

Television in the United States definitely gives people from the UK names that sound old school or upper class. They also tend to give them very exaggerated accents.

However, people from the UK note that not everyone, not even the average person, has names like this.

Have poor volume control


There's nothing worse when watching a series and having it up loud to hear the quiet talking only to have the volume get super loud for an action scene.

And, apparently, this is something that happens more on American television than in other places.

Carry groceries in paper bags.

One Twitter user pointed out that Americans in movies, and also in television, often. carry their groceries in fancy paper bags, but the truth is that most Americans carry their groceries in plastic bags or reusable ones.

Paper bags probably just look nicer on screen.

Casting adults to play teens.

This is definitely something that American viewers notice and talk about, too, but we also have to accept it as it happens a lot.

Sometimes, people that are older than 30 are cast to play young teens even though they are clearly too old, and this trend is annoying.

Recaps at the start of each episode.

Recaps are done so that if you missed an episode you can get caught up, but they are kind of annoying overall.

If you're keeping up a show, you don't want to watch a couple of minutes of scenes you've already seen.

Teens taking care of a bag of flour for a class.


In nearly every teen sitcom, the characters have to take care of a bag of flour and pretend it's a baby for a class. However, this isn't actually a universal experience.

One person pointed out that this is definitely an American thing.

Laugh tracks on sitcoms.


A loud laugh track is a staple of many beloved television series including Friends, and while it's not as common anymore, it used to be very prevalent.

However, this is something that some non-American viewers find very weird. And, when you think about it, it kind of is.

This question about meatloaf.

On television, people often have weird eating habits that real-life people don't actually do.

However, meatloaf is something that some Americans eat, but it seems to have been more of a staple in earlier decades. And, it's definitely something most kids don't love eating.

Tolerating violence over scenes of a sexual nature.


When it comes to rating a show and what is censored, American television is much more concerned about things like nudity than violence.

It's a weird point of view, and people in other countries have noted that they don't think of things this way necessarily.

Have a huge breakfast and then not eat any of it.

Many people have pointed out how in many movies and TV series, especially those about teenagers, the parents will have a huge breakfast spread laid out.

Then, the teen will sit down and maybe grab a bite of toast before leaving quickly. How inconsiderate!

Send texts to their entire school.

It's a common trope in American media for a high schooler to accidentally send a text to their entire school.

This person asked if this is something real people in America do, and it's actually not. Most people don't just have a giant text group with everyone in their high school.