15+ Weird Little Things That Just Sort Of Happened

Life on planet Earth presents infinite possibilities. You don't need to know or care about chaos theory, string theory, or any theory at all to intuitively understand that sometimes odd things are bound to happen.

Here's a little weirdness to spice up your day.

Snow perch.

Reddit | tilltheend0ftime

This picture out of Hokkaido, Japan shows what can happen when a large amount of snow falls in a short time.

Knotty wood.

Reddit | virgilturtle

I don't know if this wood is diseased or just confused, but its swirly shapes and whorls looks a lot like Van Gogh's Starry Night.


Reddit | angryxxpanda

I can't tell you what kind of caterpillar this is. All I can tell you is what you already see: that it has a bunch of little penguins along its back.

Quack quack quack.

Reddit | venomforty

Water can do interesting things to driftwood, including shaping an otherwise featureless piece of wood into a perfectly-formed duck head.

So that's how they do it.

Reddit | rizzo1717

"A friend was hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc in France in 2017 when he came across a Google Street View hiker, and took a picture of him. Friend later discovered himself on Google Earth Street View."

Good taste.

Reddit | aground96

Renovators were tearing out some walls to repaint a room when they discovered that the old paint on the hidden wall perfectly matched the new color they were going to use.


Reddit | JustSavi

This dude wants us all to know that he has a birthmark...a birthmark directly on his eyeball. I don't think I've ever seen that before.

Perfect outline.

Reddit | Kb23_

It should be cartoonishly obvious from this shape that a kitty decided to wait out a snowfall while sitting under this bench.


I don't know how to do a burnout and I'd never try, but if I wanted to, I could take some pointers from whoever executed this perfect circle burnout.

Frosty morning.

Reddit | TarpeDiem_

Winter can be a bummer but snow, ice and frost can do some fascinating things. Case in point: whatever is going on with this car's windshield.


Reddit | no_kittens_here

When inanimate objects like lava lamps start throwing encouraging peace signs your way, you just know it's going to be a good day.

One big bulb.

Reddit | krittylee33

We're used to peeling garlic and finding a few bulbs inside, but this single clove contained a single, massive bulb.

Nature taking over.

Reddit | indorock

This fresh roll was left out long enough that it wasn't so fresh anymore. It was also left out long enough for the bean sprouts to, well, sprout.

That's not how you chocolate milk.

Reddit | Emmatessa

The chocolate syrup in this glass of milk is doing some weird things. Someone needs to give this a stir, pronto.

Perfectly centered.

Reddit | Fizzexx

It isn't often that you see a plank of wood that's this aesthetically pleasing, complete with a knot that's perfectly in the middle.

It still locks.

Reddit | SweetTaterette

This padlock has been beaten down during its time on the beach but it still (barely) functions as a lock.

Growing up together.

Reddit | el_tobleronie

Some wayward golf ball became embedded in this tree some years back and the tree slowly grew around it until it was encased.

Rookie mistake.

Reddit | convalcon

Look closely at this image. Do you see the Windows Media Player bar at the bottom? I wonder if that makes the card worth anything.

Ice is weird sometimes.

Reddit | TheOGBFG

I thought icicles were supposed to form vertically because, y'know, gravity. This icicle is somehow managing to buck that trend.

Window with a view.

Reddit | msjanejenkins

This cat doesn't want to just look out the window, he wants to see over the deck rail outside. Clearly, this is the only way.

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