10+ Of The Best Reoccurring Characters On Television

A supporting cast can make or break a TV show. They can help carry the weight, expand the story, and provide countless hours of laughter and enjoyment.

Recently, I began thinking about some of the more memorable contributions from some of our favorite cameo characters. Have a look and check out 10+ of the best reoccurring characters on television!

Latka Gravas from *Taxi*.


Were it not for the reservations of Andy Kaufman, Latka Gravas would have been the star of the show.

This hilariously absent-minded mechanic was based on Kaufman's iconic yet controversial 'Foreign Man' character.

Newman from *Seinfeld*.


I bet at least half of you reading this instinctively said "Hello Newman..." silently under your breath.

Newman is one of the greatest television antagonists of all time. He was the perfect foil for Jerry and the ideal sidekick for Kramer.

Jazz from *The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air*.

The image of Jazz flying through the air brings back all kinds of nostalgia. This simple yet effective slapstick gag became one of the most enduring and beloved jokes of the entire series.

Rafi from *The League*.


Everyone has a Rafi in the family. They're the outcast, the black sheep, the family members we love but really can't stand.

Oh, and in case you're thinking "Well, my family doesn't have a Rafi." Yes, it does —it's you.

Star Burns from *Community*.


Community is one of the more eclectic sitcoms out there. You could make an argument for any number of memorable recurring characters from this series.

But to me, there will never be another Star Burns. And because I know he'd want me to say it: his name is Alex.

Creed Bratton in *The Office*.


Speaking of eclectic, The Office is another great example of the power that comes from an ensemble cast.

Of all the storylines still left unexplored, Creed Bratton rises above the rest. We still don't even know his real name!

Troy McClure from *The Simpsons*.

His name is Troy McClure. You may remember him from such films as Earwigs, Eww! and Man Vs. Nature: The Road to Victory.

No matter the circumstance, you could always depend on Troy McClure for a laugh. I miss him and I miss Phil Hartman, too.

Teddy Buckland in *Scrubs*.


Teddy Buckland was 50% underdog and 50% Murphy's Law. You couldn't help but laugh at his plight yet at the same time, you were always in his corner.

Also, does anyone else remember his band? "PEONS ASSEMBLE!"

Artemis Dubois in *It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia*.


Artemis is foul, inappropriate, politically incorrect, and just plain offensive. This is probably why she gels with the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia so seamlessly.

She's also a proverbial hurricane with borderline sociopathic tendencies, and I mean that in the most complimentary way imaginable.

James Stinson in *How I Met Your Mother*.


Wayne Brady is a treasure. He's an incredibly talented comedian who sings like an angel.

His time spent playing Barney's gay adoptive brother was without question one of the shining moments in How I Met Your Mother.

Janice Hosenstein in *Friends*.

All it takes is three little words to send Friends fans into a frenzy: Oh. My. God!

Whether you loved or hated her, Janice was one of the more integral recurring characters in the lives of the Central Perk Six.

Otto Delaney in *Sons Of Anarchy*.


Otto was the lone incarcerated member of SAMCRO (Lenny the Pimp doesn't count). But even with his limited scope, he was a pivotal cog in the MC machine.

Otto was also played by show creator/writer Kurt Sutter.

Wil Wheaton in *The Big Bang Theory*.


Whoever it was who pitched the idea of Wil Wheaton playing a satirical evil version of himself — I say kudos.

Of the many (many) arch-nemesis of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, few held their own better than Wil.

Jan Levinson from *The Office*.

I have mixed feelings about Michael and Holly ending up together. Yes, I was glad to know that it finally worked out for Michael in the end.

But it was accompanied by the realization that Jan was officially and forever out of the picture. I struggle with that.

Jean-Ralphio Saperstein in *Parks And Recreation*.


Jean-Ralphio just might be the most annoying TV character ever conjured into existence. He's selfish, ignorant. and totally lacking any semblance of self-awareness.

For all these reasons and so many more, he's my absolute favorite.