10+ Things That Happened In Season One Of 'Big Bang Theory' Fans Forgot About

With a whopping 12 seasons, there were 279 episodes of The Big Bang Theory. With so many episodes, even big fans of the show can easily forget everything that happened, especially in the earlier seasons.

Season one aired in 2007 over 13 years ago, so there are a lot of things from that season fans don't remember.

Here are 10+ things from season one of Big Bang Theory that fans forgot about.

Sheldon buys a loom for a new hobby.


After losing his job, Sheldon doesn't know what to do with all of his time or how to stop from feeling bad about it, so he takes up some more obscure new hobbies.

He purchases a handloom to learn to weave, and he even makes a poncho with it.

Penny is a horrible singer.

In "The Loobenfeld Decay" episode, Leonard hears Penny singing and that she has a poor singing voice.

So, when she then asks him to come to her singing showcase, he comes up with a lie to get himself and Sheldon out of going.

Sheldon's 3-D chess game is first shown.


The 3-D chess game that Sheldon loves actually comes from Star Trek.

Given how much Sheldon and the others love the show, it's not surprising they have a real-life version of the game that they all play in their apartment.

Leslie and Leonard sleep together.


In season two, Leonard asks out Leslie Winkle because he sees Penny kissing someone else.

After the guys run into her at the Cheesecake Factory where Penny works, Leslie offers to hook up with Leonard, and he agrees to sleep with her.

Sheldon and Leonard cleaning Penny's apartment.

In the second episode of the show, Sheldon is bothered by how messy Penny's apartment is after they drop off a package.

The two come back to clean while Penny sleeps, and she is so annoyed by their actions that she asks for her key back.

Howard had co-workers.


Most of the scenes that show the boys working at Caltech are of them there alone, but in "The Jerusalem Duality," Howard's lab is shown.

In this episode, he has co-workers around him that are working in the background when Sheldon stops by.

Penny's apartment is different in the pilot.


In the first episode of the show, Penny is moving in and Sheldon and Leonard watch her unpack.

The apartment layout is different in this scene. In later episodes, the view of the apartment shows Penny's kitchen in the background while this isn't the case in the pilot.

Her apartment also has a balcony.


It's not uncommon for television sets to change somewhat from season to season, but fans often notice the inconsistencies.

In "The Middle Earth Paradigm," Penny has a costume party, and there are couples in the background dancing on her balcony. However, this balcony isn't shown again.

Leonard and Sheldon go to the sperm bank.


One of the first things that ever happens on The Big Bang Theory is that Leonard and Sheldon go to the high-IQ sperm bank to donate, and Sheldon then talks about committing genetic fraud.

After coming home, they first meet Penny, their new neighbor.

Howard eat peanut butter and has an allergic reaction.

In "The Peanut Reaction," Howard pretends to eat a peanut bar because he wants Leonard to take him to the emergency room. This is his weird effort to distract Leonard from his surprise birthday party.

However, once the nurse sees that he's faking, Howard eats an actual peanut bar and has a severe allergic reaction.

Sheldon is flirty with Penny.

The first season of the show is often spent figuring out who the characters are, so Sheldon does some things at first that are out of character with later seasons.

One of these moments is when Sheldon seems to flirt with Penny while leaning on a whiteboard and showing off how smart he is.

Leonard and Penny have their first kiss.


During the Halloween party episode, Leonard is dressed up as Frodo, and Penny is dressed up as a cat.

After Leonard gets humiliated at the party by Kurt, Penny comes over to apologize and they kiss for the very first time.

Sheldon's luminous fish.


The fourth episode of season one shows Sheldon getting fired from his job, so he has to come up with a new hobby to distract himself.

Figuring out how to make fish bioluminescent for a nightlight is his goal, and he actually pulls it off at the end of the episode.

Penny gets to sleep in Sheldon's "spot."

Sheldon being protective of his spot on the couch is a running joke in the series.

However, when Penny spends the night in Sheldon and Leonard's apartment while Howard is hooking up with her friend, he says she can sleep with her head away from the door. This is basically telling her she can lay on his spot.

Raj, Howard, and Leonard run away while Sheldon is sick.


In "The Pancake Batter Anomaly," Sheldon gets sick and becomes extremely needy. To avoid taking care of him, the rest of the guys run away and leave him alone.

So, it ends up being Penny who has to take care of him while he's ill.