10+ 'Big Bang Theory' Storylines That Were Never Resolved

The Big Bang Theory ran for 12 seasons and it was really successful, with a devoted fan base.

However, now that the show has been over for more than a year, fans have had time to re-watch and analyze the series yet again.

While many of the narrative arcs were wrapped up, here are 10+ Big Bang Theory storylines that never got resolved.

The vet and Raj.


While it's true that Raj had a lot of one-off potential love interests, this one was actually kind of cute.

Yvette the vet gave Raj her number after seeing how much he loved his dog. Yet the character never comes back again, so there wasn't much point to the encounter.

Sheldon's changing astrological sign.

Sheldon was born on February 26, which means he would be a Pisces. However, in "The Peanut Reaction" episode, he says that he's a Taurus.

In later seasons, he's then correctly referred to as a Pisces.

The romance between Mary and Alfred.


This relationship was a big deal at the end of season 9. Then, at the start of season 10, it still seemed like these two were into each other.

But after this, the relationship was dropped. They weren't shown dating again. In fact, Alfred doesn't even make another appearance on the show.

How long the elevator has really been broken.

There are some inconsistencies in how long the elevator has been broken. In season 1, they say it's been broken for two years.

However, in season 3, they say it's been broken for seven years, which doesn't add up in the timeline. So, what really is up with that elevator?

Why did Penny quit her business?


In season 2, Penny's product, "Penny Blossoms," gets a distribution deal and is in high demand.

While she has to cancel a batch because she can't keep up, it doesn't make sense that she would just quit altogether.

However, exactly what happened to her business isn't addressed, and she goes back to being a waitress. If the product was desired, why wouldn't she pursue it?

Sheldon's bird egg.

After Sheldon gets over his fear of birds while becoming attached to the bird on his window, he is heartbroken when the bird leaves.

However, she leaves behind an egg that Sheldon says he's going to care for and he calls himself the "Mommy."

Yet, we never see if he raised the egg into a bird or what happened to it.

The actor that played Young Sheldon's dad was also Leonard's bully.


This might be more of an issue with production, but it does make for a weird, unresolved storyline in the universe of the two shows.

In Young Sheldon, Lance Barber is the actor who plays Sheldon's dad. However, that same actor played Leonard's high school bully in a flashback on Big Bang Theory.

Raj never gets a love life.

All of the main men in the series were pretty awkward about romance, but they all find true love, except for Raj.

Seeing as how this was important to him, many fans wondered why he was the only one left alone at the end.

Why didn't Sheldon go after Brent Spiner?


Fans know that Sheldon takes all of his rivalries seriously and will plan revenge. However, after declaring Spiner his mortal enemy, he doesn't really do anything.

It doesn't make sense that he wouldn't plot revenge or encounter him again after that.

Stuart & Mrs. Wolowitz's relationship.


There is an explanation for why this storyline didn't get resolved, and it's an unfortunate one.

The actress who played Mrs. Wolowitz passed away, so her growing romantic relationship with Stuart had to come to an end on the show.

How would Howard become an astronaut?


While Howard is really smart, there are a lot of requirements to go into space with NASA.

Given things like his asthma and nut allergy, it seems like he wouldn't be physically able to pass the strict tests to make it into space.

However, he does become an astronaut.

Sheldon doesn't always care about his "spot."


While Sheldon being protective of the left side of the couch in Leonard's living room is a running joke on the show, he doesn't always care.

There are many scenes where someone is sitting there and Sheldon isn't bothered at all, but this is never explained.

No one is upset about Leonard and Priya's break-up.


After these two broke up, the storyline was pretty much dropped.

This is weird, however, because Raj was so upset about Leonard dating his sister to begin with. So, it doesn't make sense that they never talked together about the break-up.

Why Howard's father bailed and where he went...

There is never much explanation given as to why Howard's father left, and fans wanted to know more about this storyline.

While Howard did receive one letter from his dad and he also meets his half-brother, nothing else really comes from the story.

Was Sheldon actually allergic to cats?

While Sheldon is known to have a cat allergy, in "The Zazzy Situation," Sheldon is holding many cats and doesn't seem to have an allergic reaction.

So, was he just lying when he told Leonard he was allergic, or was this a mistake on the show's part?

What happened after Amy and Sheldon won the Nobel Prize?


This was an admittedly brilliant move and a great place to end things, but in many ways, the Nobel Prize could have only been the beginning for Sheldon and Amy.

Does Sheldon stay humble, or does he become corrupted by power and ego?

Why weren't we privy to more celebrity D&D nights?


Fun fact: Joe Manganiello actually does run a celebrity D&D game in real life! If you haven't heard him talk shop with Stephen Colbert, you're missing out.

Joe Manganiello is as nerdy as they come.

Did Sheldon ever end up making a successful clone of Leonard Nimoy?


Do you remember when Penny gifted Sheldon an autographed napkin, courtesy of Leonard Nimoy? Sheldon proclaimed all he needed to clone Spock was a healthy ovum.

So did he actually end up doing it?

How does Beverly Hofstadter fare at being a grandmother?


It goes without saying that Leonard's mother made more than her fair share of mistakes when it came to raising her son.

Will she ever get the chance to rectify those errors or is history doomed to repeat itself?

Raj's feelings for Bernadette.

In the early days of Howard and Bernadette, Raj was incredibly jealous. He wanted Bernie all to himself and even fantasized about killing Howard.

So did all of that just go away or is Raj still harboring feelings toward her?

What happened when Howard and Raj were inside the house on *America's Next Top Model*?


The entire episode is building to this culminating moment and then as soon as the door opens, the episode is over?

We deserve to know what happened once Howard and Raj got inside the mansion.

We never got to find out what Howard's father wrote to him.


I understand that Howard choosing to not read the letter was a symbolic gesture. But couldn't the audience have been let in on the secret?

What if he was trying to explain to Howard the reason as to why he left?

Who finally fixed the elevator?


And why did it all of a sudden get fixed? Was the building sold, perhaps? Could it be that the new owners just aren't as lazy as the previous property managers?

I guess we'll never know.

If Sheldon doesn't understand sarcasm, then why is he so sarcastic?

It's a fair question to ask. In the early seasons, there are moments when Leonard has to hold up a sign to Sheldon to indicate when sarcasm is being used in a conversation.

Can he just not hear it when others are sarcastic toward him?

What's the deal with Leonard's snoring?


Leonard has to get major surgery for his deviated septum in order to fix his loud snoring. But according to Penny, Leonard is said to not snore at all.

Sheldon even listed "good sleeper" as one of Leonard's attributes.

How could Penny afford her apartment?


If Sheldon and Leonard, two esteemed university employees with PhDs, can't afford to live on their own, how can a struggling actress who works at the Cheesecake Factory make ends meet?

Something fishy is going on...

How does Sheldon have any money at all?


It was revealed that Sheldon hasn't actually cashed any of his paychecks due to the fact that he doesn't trust banks.

If that's the case, how can he afford to live? How does he eat or buy comic books?

If Howard has never left Pasadena, then how on Earth does he have a Master's Degree from MIT?

For those who don't know, MIT stands for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and it's located in Boston.

How is it that someone with such a deep maternal attachment would be able to leave his mother behind to attend school on the other side of the country?

Was Meemaw angry that she didn't get invited to Sheldon's wedding?


This was the wedding snub of the century. I, for one, was flabbergasted that Sheldon, aka Moon Pie, wouldn't have invited his grandmother to his big day.

I want to think that she'd forgive him, but I'm honestly not so sure.

Why was Sheldon such an ass about his parking spot?


He pretty much tortured Howard for the entire episode. I get that the two of them have always had their differences, but Sheldon's behavior was downright sociopathic.

He doesn't even drive, so why does he care?