10+ 'The Big Bang Theory' Moments That Were Very Problematic

The Big Bang Theory was a successful comedy that won seven Emmys over the course of its 12 seasons, and many fans loved the easy laughs the series brought them.

But, despite its popularity, there are many scenes from the show that had troubling and bad attitudes. At least, that's what some fans on the internet believe.

Here are the 10+ Big Bang Theory moments that were very problematic.

While *The Big Bang Theory* is one of the most beloved shows of all time, many people on the internet feel that perhaps it wasn't always the kindest show out there.

There were a lot of moments that definitely rubbed people the wrong way.

Everyone, of course, can still love the show and still watch it with a critical eye! At the end of the day, not every show will sit right with everyone!

Keep that in mind when you're reading the article! It is perfectly fine for people to like a show that has problematic elements.

The times change, and sometimes shows just don't reflect that.

Now, let's get into the article, shall we?

1. There was very little diversity.


One of the most problematic elements of The Big Bang Theory, as fans see it, was that almost everyone was white.

All of the main cast of characters except for Raj are white people, and he is often stereotyped and made to be the butt of jokes.

2. Sheldon makes a transphobic comment.


The series got off to a very problematic start right off the bat when Sheldon made a derogatory comment toward the transgender community.

When talking about how Penny was an improvement from the old neighbor, Sheldon said that the previous tenant was "a 200-pound [expletive] with a skin condition."

3. The character of Denise is treated like an anomaly.

This one wasn't very problematic, but now, it's simply outdated! When Denise, a side character who likes things like comics and sci-fi shows up on the show, she is treated like a rare unicorn.

But actually, many women like these things!

4. Sheldon implying women only care about "lip gloss" and "salad."

There are a few instances on the show where Sheldon is lowkey sexist, whether he means to be or not.

He tends to dismiss women, like when he said that women were only interested in lip gloss and salad. It was quite undermining.

5. The handling of Raj and Howard's relationship.


Sadly, everything between these two had to be played off just for laughs, as people assumed they were gay because they were close friends.

There is nothing wrong with being gay, and just as important, maybe it's time for television to normalize intense male friendships!

6. The way the series made nerds seem rare.

This one isn't so problematic, but it definitely didn't age well, which is actually a good thing!

Nerds are definitely mainstream now, but while the show was on, it played nerds as people who were pathetic and had little understanding of how humans work.

7. Sheldon's issues at work.


Fans are often bringing up the fact that Sheldon chose to tell a black HR woman that all women were slaves.

Whether he meant to be harmful or not, looking back, perhaps this was not the best thing to put in a TV show, whether it was for comedic purposes or not.

8. Amy's out of character makeover.


The series often couldn't resist putting its female characters into situations that they wouldn't have otherwise been in.

When Amy gives herself a big makeover after she won the Nobel Prize, it went against a lot of her character development.

9. The men using a remote control car to look up Penny's skirt.


During an episode in season one called "The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization,” Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj are trying out various remote-controlled devices, and they use a car equipped with a camera to look up Penny's skirt.

No matter how much you like the show, this was just plain wrong.

10. Sheldon's comments about menstruation.

While this definitely isn't the most problematic thing in the world, when Sheldon says, "Thanks to you I know better than to ask if you're menstruating. And based on your behavior I don't have to." It's a little disheartening.

Are we still pretending women are completely ruled by their periods?

11. Penny is presented as one big stereotype.

Many fans voiced their opinions on the internet on how Penny wasn't treated as an actual character, but more as someone for the men to look at.

She was hot, often dumb, and cared mostly about relationships. They could have done so much more.

12. Howard sexualizing women.

Howard is constantly sexualizing women, including Penny! He spent time looking up her nude scenes from her movies.

While they were portrayed as something hilarious, everything he did was really not that funny to a lot of people.

13. When the show acted like women didn't go to comic book stores.


A lot of fans were quite annoyed that the women were basically presented as being completely ignorant about the comic book world, and as not visiting comic book stores at all.

Obviously, this is not true. So it felt a little outdated to many fans.

14. Raj's entire character.

A lot of people had some serious issues with Raj, be it the way they felt the show played up stereotypes or the way he was with women.

A lot of people on the internet truly believe that he is the worst character on the show.

15. Howard, Raj, and *America's Next Top Model*

There is an episode of the show where Raj and Howard use satellites to spy on topless America's Next Top Model contestants.

A lot of fans were upset when this happened, pointing out that it was violating their privacy.

There you have it! Fans have definitely been weighing in for years now about all the ways *Big Bang Theory* has both made them laugh, and even made them angry!

We know one thing for sure: the show is certainly not for everyone.

At the end of the day, we all have to make our own opinions. Regardless, just how some people are allowed to enjoy the show for what it is, others are allowed to enjoy it for what it is AND criticize it!

What do you think of The Big Bang Theory?

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