Solid Proof To Why Sheldon Cooper Is Actually The Worst Fictional Character Ever

I've mentioned my fondness for The Big Bang Theory time and time again. It's a fantastic show and worth the watch. But there was always one thing about the show that used to drive me insane: Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

To this day, I'll never understand how he's risen to such an iconic status as a TV character. This is why I've come here today: to present to you solid proof that Sheldon Cooper is actually the worst fictional character ever.

First of all, none of the recurring 'jokes' that revolve around Sheldon are actually funny.

I once knew someone who was so obsessively compulsive, they'd wash their hands until they bled. OCD isn't anything to laugh at, yet one of the most longstanding gags has become Sheldon's signature knock.

In the past ten years, we've taken a serious leap forward as far as the emphasis placed on mental health is concerned. This type of humor is one giant step backward.

That, and the fact that "Bazinga!" is literally the worst catchphrase ever.

Sheldon could never exist in the real world.


I'm not saying that fictional characters need to always have a certain element of plausibility about them, but Sheldon requires a total and complete suspension of belief.

Absolutely no human being in their right mind would ever want to be friends with him — let alone live with him! Sheldon is so superlative, so excessively extra, that he becomes a caricature of himself. Whenever he's on-screen, it's almost like watching a cartoon.

He's also an elitist with a severe superiority complex.


Which is a fancy way of saying that he's a boorish ass. Sheldon is the master of social and professional hierarchies. He refers to the Geology Dept. of the University as "The Dirt People" and openly mocks Howard for not having his doctorate.

In Sheldon's mind, he is the greatest gift ever to be bestowed upon the earth. Whenever anyone treats him contrarily, he responds with hostility and passive aggression.

His happiness always has to come first.

I think most groups of friends have one member who always has to be the Quarterback. To put it simply, it's either their way or the highway. When it comes to who is the Quarterback of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper is Tom-freaking-Brady.

He picks what movies the guys will and won't watch; the restaurants they eat at, etc. Sheldon Cooper is nothing more than a bully. He uses the threat of emotional torment as a means to manipulate his friend group into his way of thinking.

He's an absolutely terrible best friend.


Leonard might not realize it but he's in an emotionally abusive relationship. I can't count the number of times Sheldon has openly and flagrantly insulted the person whom he claims to be his "best friend."

Since becoming roommates, Sheldon has interfered with Leonard's romantic life; he's forced him into becoming his personal chauffeur. But worst of all, he kissed Leonard's mom. I can forgive a lot from my best friends, but not that. Not ever.

But as horrible as he is to Leonard, he treats Amy even worse.


I think one of the worst things you can ever do to a person is to lead them on; to waste their time. For too long, Amy was made to watch from the banks of Neverland as Sheldon galavanted about like he was Peter Pan.

Their relationship only exists because of the concessions Amy has made for Sheldon. She most definitely deserves better and Sheldon most assuredly does not deserve her.

Finally, Sheldon is nothing more than a shield for writers to be able to tell politically incorrect jokes.


Sheldon has become a scapegoat. The rationale for his often racially charged humor is chalked up to his lack of understanding when it comes to social customs. He's also been known to be incredibly sexist and demeaning of women.

What's important to note is that Sheldon is never brought to see the error of his ways. He perpetuates these negative stereotypes time and time again, and we just laugh right along with him.

There's no moral at play, it's just a platform to spout outdated humor and anecdotes.