Cardi B Defends Herself After Backlash For 'Irresponsible' 37 Person Thanksgiving Dinner

When it comes to celebrities and following the proper guidelines on handling the pandemic, it seems like some of them follow the "do as I say, not as I do" line of thinking. Whether it's Kendall Jenner throwing a massive birthday party for herself or Kim Kardashian spending her birthday with a huge group of people on a private island, celebrities have pretty often bent the rules for themselves.

Cardi B is the latest celebrity to hop on that train.

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With Thanksgiving happening this past week, many people had to forgo seeing their families as they usually would.

Cardi B, however, was not one of those people, as she tweeted out that she had 37 guests (12 kids and 25 adults) over for the holidays, claiming that it "was lit!"

Her fans didn't necessarily agree with her.

Fans felt that her behavior was irresponsible given her huge following.

"You had 37 people over your house during a pandemic. Even if you don't think of yourself as a role model many fans will see your Thanksgiving as not taking COVID seriously. Also testing folks alone isn't going to work. It has a two week incubation period," one fan wrote.

Cardi spoke out, claiming that everyone present had been tested.

"ME specially and everyone that works around me get tested literally 4 times a week Im In the middle of work and Everytime we clock in we MUST GET TESTED!" Cardi added.

Cardi then tweeted that people were "trying too hard to be offended."

What do you think? Was Cardi wrong to throw such a large holiday get-together, or were people trying too hard to be offended? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!