Jaden Smith Responds To Backlash Over 'Insensitive' Costume Involving Oxygen Mask

Halloween costumes can be tricky to get right. While you want to be topical, funny, and clever, you also have to walk a careful line so you don't tread into sensitive subject matter.

Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, recently found himself in hot water for the Halloween costume he chose, and has since responded.

This year on Halloween, many were surprised to see that Kendall Jenner had thrown a large birthday party.

Fans even pointed out that there was an attempt to keep news of the party away from the public, with one fan tweeting "Not Kendall Jenner hosting a Halloween party in the middle of the pandemic and making a 'no social media' rule so people wouldn't know."

Fans were not pleased.

"Kendall jenner throwing a party in the middle of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC is irresponsible beyond imagination. people are going homeless and losing their jobs. there are people dying in hospitals everyday [sic] because of this. instead of you staying home you're putting more people at risk," one fan said.

That wasn't the only drama of the night.

While many were not pleased about Kendall throwing a party during a pandemic with no masks in sight, especially so soon after her sister Kim Kardashian had faced similar backlash, some fans noticed that Jaden Smith's costume was a bit controversial.

Fans pointed out that he appeared to be wearing an oxygen mask as a costume.

Many people initially assumed that Jaden was referencing the coronavirus pandemic with his costume, seeing as it largely affects the respiratory system.

One person referred to the costume as "insensitive, ignorant and self centered."

There was a lot of criticism.

"Not jaden smith dressing up as a covid patient for halloween. apart from attending that kendall jenner party, he's making fun of the situation. my mom and my aunt are ashmatic [sic], and they were rushed to the hospital with oxygen many times. i'm beyond disgusted," one fan said.

Many fans believed his costume was simply a COVID patient.

"Kendall jenner irresponsibly hosted a crowded bday/halloween party & asked everyone to not post on social media to avoid hate. jaden smith attended as a covid patient?? how can you think that that’s okay? these rich ass celebrities have no compassion for anybody else," one fan shared.

However, there were people defending Jaden.

"Jaden smith the only one that wore a mask at kendalls party so now people think he dressed as a covid patient HELP," one fan tweeted.

However, most fans on Twitter called it "tone-deaf."

While Jaden initially did not respond to the backlash over his costume, his latest Instagram post seems to aim to clear up any confusion about what his Halloween costume actually was.

He shared an image of a character from the film *Tenet* which was released this year in a now-deleted Instagram post.

The character in the film wears a suit and an oxygen mask, like Jaden did at the party.

The actor behind the character in question, John David Washington, commented a raised-hands emoji on the post before Jaden deleted it.

Many fans took to social media again to defend Jaden.

"Ppl mad at jaden smith’s tenet costume please open ur windows.... some fresh air might help. U r mad abt the wrong thing he went to a halloween PARTY WITH PPL WHO CAME FROM DIFF PLACES!" one fan tweeted.

What do you think?

Were people right to call out Jaden for his costume? Or should they have just ignored it? Was the real issue the fact that he went to a party in the first place? Let us know in the comments!