10+ Perfect TV Episodes Fans Will Never Forget

I'm a big fan of Gary Vee. One thing that he's constantly preaching is that perfection doesn't exist. It's a false concept, an idealistic state of mind that will always be unattainable.

While it's true we may never be able to understand perfection in ourselves, we can certainly try with our favorite TV series. See what I mean and check out these 10+ perfect TV episodes fans will never forget.

*South Park* Season 11, Episode 10 "Imaginationland Episode I."

Technically, "Imaginationland" is a three-part episode that was turned into a direct-to-disc film.

I could have chosen probably half-a-dozen episodes that are truly perfect, but "Imaginationland" is an old favorite that never gets old.

*Boardwalk Empire* Season 3, Episode 12 "Margate Sands."


Normally, Boardwalk Empire isn't an overtly gory or violent show. It's an incredibly high-quality drama wherein the plot is propelled through dialogue and conversation, rather than bloodshed and body count.

The season finale of season 3, however, is the lone exception.

*The Office* Season 4, Episode 9 "Dinner Party."

This has to be one of the most cringe-worthy awkward episodes of the entire series. It also happens to be hilarious.

Watching Michael and Jan's passive-aggressive back-and-forth boil over into full-blown chaos has me roaring with laughter every time I watch it.

*The Simpsons* Season 7, Episode 25 "The Summer Of 4 Ft. 2."


Determining the best episode of The Simpsons is a lot like trying to find the perfect snowflake. It's a question without an answer.

But "The Summer of 4 Ft. 2" is about as close as you'll ever get to finding it.

*Parks And Recreation* Season 3, Episode 16 "Li'l Sebastian."


When I think of Parks and Rec a few vivid memories come to mind. I think of Ron Swanson playing his smooth jazz under the cover of night as Duke Silver; Leslie trying to save the world one park at a time.

And Andy Dwyer singing "Bye Bye Li'l Sebastian."

*Chernobyl* Season 1, Episode 5 "Vichnaya Pamyat."

The finale of Chernobyl was not just the best episode in the series, but it's arguably one of the best TV episodes of all time.

The way the story was told was as near-perfect as you can get.

*Community* Season 1, Episode 23 "Modern Warfare."


"Modern Warfare" is a parody of every great action movie made in the past 30 years. Dan Harmon expertly weaves his satire in a brilliant homage to the entire genre.

This is Community at its very peak.

*Scrubs* Season 1, Episode 1 "My First Day."


It isn't often that a show knocks it out of the park in the very first episode. Normally, it takes a while for audiences to warm up to the characters — especially in sitcoms.

But not Scrubs. They hit the ground running and didn't stop.

*The Sopranos* Season 1, Episode 5, "College."


Tony Soprano is one of the most paradoxical characters in modern television, and "College" is the perfect portrayal of his Jekyll and Hyde tendencies.

On the one hand, he's a caring and involved father. On the other, he's a cold-blooded murderer.

*Game Of Thrones* Season 3, Episode 9 "The Rains Of Castamere."

Whenever I'm asked to come up with my favorite scene from Game of Thrones, I inevitably come back to the Red Wedding.

Hearing Roose Bolton whisper "the Lannisters send their regards," just before ending Robb Stark's life, was world-shattering.

*It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia* Season 3, Episode 9 "Sweet Dee's Dating A [expletive] Person."

I've been an It's Always Sunny fanatic since the premiere of the very first episode. They're all good. In fact, they're better than good — they're fantastic.

A warning in advance, this episode is not politically correct. But then again, nothing about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is.

*Entourage* Season 3, Episode 1 "Vegas Baby, Vegas."


"Vegas Baby, Vegas" doesn't do anything to advance the plot. You could even make the argument that it idolizes a male state of arrested development.

While I won't disagree with any of that, at its core this episode is a true encapsulation of what Entourage is all about — friendship.

*The Walking Dead* Season 7, Episode 1 "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be."

Negan is one rotten SOB. He may be one of the vilest and hated characters to ever appear in The Walking Dead.

But through the act of killing Glenn, TWD became truly fearless. No one, not even the main characters, was safe.

*Sons Of Anarchy* Season 5, Episode 3 "Laying Pipe."


I don't cry often in TV and movies. I don't say that to put on airs, I'm just being honest.

But when Opie Winston met his untimely end in that jail cell, I wept like a baby.

*Breaking Bad* Season 5, Episode 14 "Ozymandias."


I decided to choose "Ozymandias" for one glaring reason: the death of Hank Schrader.

Of all the many deaths Walter White is directly responsible for, none was more heartbreaking than that of his own brother-in-law.