10+ Character Deaths That Ruined Movies

Fictional or not, movie deaths are truly sad.

These are characters that you've invested in for one movie or even an entire series. So when they meet their end, it's a major tug at the heartstrings.

While this happens in order for certain storylines to progress, character deaths can backfire. In this case, here are the 10+ times character deaths ruined movies.

Rachel from *The Dark Knight*

This death was so devastating was because you didn't see it coming.

You think it's Harvey who will die, but Bruce surprised us all by deciding to save him instead. To make matters worse, Harvey didn't appreciate that second chance.

Ellie From *Up*

We only knew her a short time onscreen, but that was still enough to make us bawl like a baby when she passed.

This sadness lingered from seeing how much Carl missed her. He even wore a bowtie to her funeral since she tied his ties.

Kylo Ren/Ben Solo from *Star Wars*

Why did he go through a redemption arc of him becoming a good guy only for them to kill him off??

This just made no sense and affected other character's storylines, such as Rey's.

Tadashi from *Big Hero Six*

Why do Disney movies have to be so sad?

They built Tadashi up as such a great character, only for him to pass. At least he died a hero by going into the burning building to save Professor Callaghan.

Thomas from *My Girl*

Ugh, this movie. You look at the movie's poster and assume that it will be a sweet summer movie.

But things take a depressing turn when Macaulay Culkin's character steps on a beehive and dies. Also, that scene when he didn't have his glasses. Our heart.

Rosie from *Jojo Rabbit*

Rosie, played by Scarlett Johannson, was so loveable. She was such a good person who she hid Jewish people from the Nazis.

She deserved more! And so did Jojo who discovered his mother dead in the street.

Loki from *Avengers: Infinity War*

He was a fan-favorite despite tittering between being a good guy and a bad guy.

But in the end, he went out a good guy who tried to kill Thanos and save his brother's life. We're still crying.

The kitten from *Drag Me to Hell*

Yes, this was a kitten and not exactly a character, but justice needs to be served!

In the film, the main character decides to sacrifice the kitten as a way to stop evil from getting her. But by hurting a precious animal, she was the true evil.

Gamora from *Avengers: Infinity War*

Her death symbolized just how far Thanos would go to get power.

He threw her off of a cliff, leaving audiences completely in shock over what had just happened. It was awful to watch.

Duke from *G.I. Joe: Retaliation*

Losing the protagonist in a movie is a pretty big deal.

But since Channing made it clear that he hated working on the movies, it makes sense why they would kill him off and replace him with Dwayne Johnson.

Howard from *Uncut Gems*

After years of waiting to see Adam Sandler in his best role yet, it was sad to see his character get killed off.

This happened after the gambling addict hit it big. His stupidity also cost his brother-in-law's life.

Donna from *Mamma Mia*

It's pretty hard to feel like singing along to a movie when you discover that the best character is dead. And especially when that character is played by Meryl Streep.

It's a no from us, dawg.

Beth from *Little Women*

The issue with Beth's death is that it didn't just happen. Instead, we were forced to watch her decline for months and months.

During this time, we love in love with her even more since she was just so sweet.

Mufasa from *The Lion King*

As far as Disney movies go, this is one of the most emotional ones.

I personally haven't seen this movie since I was FIVE years old because of Mufasa's death. It just hurts too much to see Simba try to wake his father up.

Rue from *The Hunger Games*

Why oh why did she have to die?

She was a great character who deserved to win The Hunger Games competition. The only good thing about this is that Katniss was able to avenge Rue's death.

Finnick Odair from *The Hunger Games*

This death just made no sense.

It stings more knowing that he had a wife who he had JUST married and a child he was leaving behind. How he died is also an issue since it's pretty horrific to be attacked by monsters.

Mystique from *X-Men*

Losing this character, especially one played by Jennifer Lawrence, was so tragic.

She was an iconic character who died in a senseless way. Once this happened, many fans didn't care about the ending anymore.

Fred Weasley from *Harry Potter*

This death was so hard to watch since it meant that he was separated from his twin, George.

This death rattled so many fans that even the books' author, J.K. Rowling, apologized for Fred's death.

Natasha Romanoff from *Avengers Endgame*

As a favorite character for many fans of the MCU, her death stung.

She didn't even get a proper send-off like the one Tony Stark got. Instead, her death was barely mentioned.