10+ Celebrities Who Have Interesting Hobbies

It's somewhat of a funny joke at this point to say that "stars are just like us," but the truth is that most celebrities do have hobbies and interests outside of their industry.

Many celebs look to relax and find creative outlets that are quite separate from their jobs, and some of these hobbies are even a bit odd or random.

Here are 10+ celebrities who have surprising hobbies.

Kendall Jenner knows bird calling.

Kendall Jenner might not seem like much of a nature love given her city lifestyle, but she said on the James Corden Hidden Talents Show that she is good at bird calling.

She even posted a video on Instagram demonstrating the skill!

Will Smith took up fencing.

Will Smith is ultra-famous, but he still seems pretty down-to-earth.

When he gets the chance, he likes to go fencing with other celeb pals such as Tom Cruise and David Beckham.

He told The Daily Mail, "We don’t get enough time for hanging out, just us three guys, so this is his way of getting together and bonding."

Cameron Diaz is a snowboarder.

Many celebrities like to stay active by participating in different sports and adventurous activities.

Diaz is an avid snowboarder, and she also likes to surf. She loves snowboarding so much she doesn't even like to take jobs when the snow is good!

Nick Offerman is a craftsman.

In some ways, Offerman is just like Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec. Offerman loves to do woodworking, and this definitely seems like a hobby Ron Swanson would have, too.

He even owns a woodworking shop in L.A. that makes a variety of items in including beds and birdhouses.

Rosario Dawson is a Trekkie.

Celebrities are often beautiful and fabulous, but this doesn't mean they can't have their nerdy sides, too.

Dawson has attended Comic-Con events and loves comic books, but she is especially a fan of Star Trek. She even knows some Klingon!

Beyoncé is into beekeeping.

Given her moniker of "Queen Bey" and her fans being part of the "beehive", this hobby is just perfect.

She keeps two beehives at her home, and these bees make hundreds of jars of honey every year. She mainly makes honey as a homeopathic remedy for her daughters' allergies.

Penelope Cruz collects coat hangers.

Being a collector is a common hobby for all kinds of people, but some choose to collect random or strange items. Penelope Cruz is one of those people.

She said once that she collected over 500 coat hangers in a variety of shapes and sizes. While it is strange, it doesn't hurt anyone, and if it makes her happy, that's great.

Angelina Jolie collects daggers.

Jolie might be one of the most gorgeous women alive, but she has her eccentric sides.

In 2008, she said that she collects daggers which is a hobby her mom introduced her to. She told W Magazine that "My mom took me to buy my first daggers when I was 11 or 12 and I’ve already bought Maddox some things."

People were upset about Jolie giving her child daggers, but she explained that they were not sharp.

Nicole Kidman is an adrenaline junkie.

For someone as elegant as Kidman, it might seem surprising that she loves to skydive and is even licensed to do so on her own.

However, while skydiving is an outlet for some adventure, she doesn't like to bungee-jump. She told The Telegraph: “It’s not elegant. I don’t like the idea of being on a cord and hanging upside down.”

Claudia Schiffer collects insects.

Schiffer might be a famous model, but this doesn't mean her interests have to be super girly or stereotypical.

She has loved spiders since she was a kid, and she now collects various insects as well as books about them.

Chris Evans is light on his feet.

Chris Evans might play a lot of superheroes, but in real life, he's a pretty lovable, goofy guy with a knack for tap dancing.

His co-stars love to tease him about this skill, and he even told The Boston Globe that “tap is waiting to have its day."

Ryan Gosling likes to knit.

Ryan Gosling made his fans fall even more in love with him when he revealed that he loves to knit.

He learned during filming Lars and the Real Girl because of a scene with some old ladies knitting. They later taught him how to do it, and he found it so relaxing he decided to continue learning.

Taylor Swift loves this Christmas activity.

Taylor Swift likes to make personalized, homemade gifts for her friends.

One time she made snow globes at home using mason jars and antiques to give as gifts. Honestly, this is super adorable and kind of sounds like fun to try if you're someone who celebrates the holiday.

Katy Perry collects other celebs' hair?!

While some celeb hobbies are cool or just super cute, Katy Perry's is downright weird.

She collects strands of hair from other celebs, and she said she at one point kept locks from Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift in her bag. This hobby is just really out there, and we have to ask why?!

Johnny Depp collects Barbies.

You probably wouldn't expect Depp to have this hobby, but the fact is that he has a collection of dozens of limited-edition Barbie dolls.

Many of these dolls are of other celebrities such as Beyoncé and Lindsay Lohan. He also collects accessories for the dolls.