10+ Times Celebrities Made Us Cringe During Interviews

Celebrity interviews are often exciting to watch as they give fans insight into their favorite celebs' personalities or give more information about upcoming films and television shows.

While some interviews are endearing or delightfully hilarious. others are just downright cringe-worthy and uncomfortable. Sometimes these moments are memorable and others times we wish we could forget them!

Here are the 10+ times celebrities made us cringe during interviews .

Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson's awkward family moment.

There's nothing like some family drama during a live interview to make others uncomfortable.

Dakota Johnson and her mother Melanie Griffith were interviewed on the 2015 Oscars red carpet and definitely weren't on the same page about 50 Shades of Grey.

Jack Nicholson ruining Jennifer Lawrence's interview.

When Lawrence once the Best Actress Oscar in 2013 for her role in Silver Linings Playbook, she was understandably happy.

But, then, Nicholson came along to crash her interview with ABC News in a creepy way saying, “You look like an old girlfriend."

Jim Carrey's New York Fashion Week interview.

Jim Carrey can be hilarious, but he also has his moments of eccentricity.

One of the strangest was during an interview during New York Fashion Week when he said “There’s no meaning to any of this," and then continued rambling to the interviewer. Yikes.

When Robert Downey Jr. walked out of an interview.

There are some topics that stars don't want to be asked about. Those topics for Robert Downey Jr. appear to be his struggles with alcoholism and his father.

He walked out of an interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy when asked about his past.

Mel Gibson swearing at a reporter.

Mel Gibson has said and done some pretty awful things, so this interview isn't even the worst of it.

However, it was still really uncomfortable when he called the interviewer an [expletive] after being questioned while promoting his new movie Edge of Darkness in 2010.

When Samuel Jackson was confused with Laurence Fishburne.

This moment was totally cringe-worthy, but it was the interviewer's fault.

Knowing the name of your interview subject is the most important thing, and this confusion had racial undertones prompting Jackson to say, "We don't all look alike!"

We don't blame him for getting upset.

Mark Wahlberg on *The Graham Norton Show.*

This 2013 interview upset many viewers for a variety of reasons.

First of all, Wahlberg kept interrupting the other guest, Sarah Silverman, while she was talking. He then got up and sat on the host's lap and was overly comfortable with him in an inappropriate way.

Tom Cruise when interviewed by Oprah.

Of all the uncomfortable and cringey celebrity interviews, this one might be the most well-known.

While promoting the 2005 film War of the Worlds, he went off-script and was erratically gushing about then-girlfriend, Katie Holmes. He then started jumping on the couch, and everyone was shocked.

This presenter telling Cara Delevingne to stop seeming irritated.

Once again, this was a case of an interviewer being inappropriate and bad at their job.

During this interview for Good Morning Sacramneto, Cara Delevignge was rudely told to "take a nap" because she seemed "a little irritated." It was definitely uncalled for and unprofessional.

Quentin Tarantino's interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

Yes, this is the second time this interviewer made it onto this list.

When asking Tarantino about violence on film and if it impacts real-life violence, Tarantino lost it. He replied, “I refuse your question. I’m not my slave and you’re not my master. You can’t make me dance to your tune... I’m saying I refuse.”

When Courtney Love took over a Madonna interview...

Stealing the spotlight from another celebrity is never cool, but that's exactly what Love did while Madonna was being interviewed at the 1995 MTV VMA awards.

She literally started throwing things up on the interview stage to get attention. Rude!

Russell Brand's appearance on Morning Joe.

This interview was going all right at first until nearly five minutes in when Rusell accused the presenters of "casual objectification" when talking about his accent.

Truthfully, the presenters were rude, and he seemed to be doing his best to handle how they were talking about him like he wasn't even there.

Paris Hilton walked out of an interview.

While being interviewed by ABC News, Paris was asked about the bad ratings of her television show The World According to Paris.

She got really upset and walked out only to change her mind and come back on! This just made the entire thing even more embarrassing to watch.

This wild interview with Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen is really problematic, and he had many cringe-filled interview moments in 2011.

The worst, however, was his interview with Good Morning America when he told the host that he was "bi-winning" not "bi-polar." It's really hard to watch this interview.

Joaquin Phoenix on *David Letterman.*

This is an interview moment that has gone down in history. The 2009 interview is just nine minutes of Phoenix mumbling and being awkward.

We then found out he was actually just playing a character the entire time, but that's really weird in and of itself.