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10+ Celebs Who Prefer To Keep Their Love Life Private

There are plenty of celebrities that flaunt their love lives all over social media, not letting us forget just how in love they are, not even for a second.

But for every obnoxious, nauseating celeb couple, there is a low-key, under-the-radar celeb couple. It's called balance.

Here are some celebrities who prefer to keep their relationships off of our radar for the most part.

Zac Efron.

Here is someone whose relationship status has been shrouded in mystery since his Vanessa Hudgens days.

Recently, he has started dating Vanessa Valladares. However, fans are still speculating as to whether or not they are, in fact, a couple because of how private they've been thus far. They were confirmed to be an item as of this month, but have yet to make it Instagram-official!

Christina Aguilera.

Christina and her husband, Matthew Rutler, met on the set of the film Burlesque, where Matthew was a production assistant, and have been loved up ever since.

They got engaged on Valentine's Day back in 2014 and welcomed their daughter, Summer Rain, later that year.

Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio is no rookie when it comes to dating people under the radar. Most of his flames over the years have been very private, and his relationship with 22-year-old Camila Morrone is no different.

The pair are rarely spotted together in public or on social media, despite having been together since 2017.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

Fans have been rooting for a Mila-Ashton relationship ever since they starred in That '70s Show together. Ashton was even Mila's first kiss!

Today, they are married and have two kids. But we hardly ever hear about their relationship in the tabloids.

Kevin Jonas.

Kevin Jonas is quite possibly the most low-key of the Jonas brothers.

While Nick and Joe have flaunted their wives all over social media, Kevin is much more under-the-radar about his marriage, despite being with the same woman since 2007.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher.

Sacha and Isla have been together for 18 years, and yet, we almost never hear about anything going on in their relationship.

They met in 2002 at a party in Sydney, Australia, and immediately hit it off. By 2004 they were engaged and they tied the knot in Paris in 2010.

Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson.

Surprisingly little information even exists on the internet pin-pointing when Maya and Paul started dating, or even how they met. These two have been private since day one!

But at any rate, the two have been together for roughly two decades and share four children.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

When is the last time you heard about Joseph Gordon-Levitt's love life?

Probably never, because he has been quietly married to a woman named Tasha McCauley since 2014. And before that, he had made virtually no dating history available to the public.

Taylor Swift.

After years of being criticized by the media for dating too many people, Taylor Swift has made a point to keep her current relationship with Joe Alwyn as private as possible.

They've been together for just over three years, but we only became acquainted with their relationship in the last year.

Adam Brody and Leighton Meester.

Adam and Leighton were a huge deal in the early 2000s thanks to The O.C. and Gossip Girl. But they were an even bigger deal as a couple!

Since then, however, the initial excitement fans had over their relationship has calmed down dramatically because we literally never hear about them anymore.


Since photos of Madonna and her 26-year-old boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams, surfaced on the internet last year, causing quite the commotion, we haven't heard or seen much of them.

The pair have been unassumingly flown under the radar, but are still going strong!

Kristen Stewart.

It probably took fans the last 10 years to disassociate Kristen Stewart from Robert Pattinson — their breakup was a tough pill to swallow.

But since then, K-Stew has long since moved on. She and her girlfriend, Dylan Meyer, have been together for just over a year and have kept their relationship, for the most part, off of our radar.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

Eva and Ryan have led a very low-key relationship. Any sign of their relationship on social media is virtually non-existent and they plan to keep it that way.

It certainly hasn't been easy for fans to keep tabs on them but, nonetheless, they've been happily together for the last nine years and share two children.

Kerry Washington.

While all of us are busy being distracted by Kerry Washington's career, we've completely forgotten that she is married to hunky former football star Nnamdi Asomugha.

Kerry has always managed to keep our attention off of her personal life.

Taraji P. Henson.

Taraji and her fiancé, Kelvin Hayden, have certainly been the furthest thing from being the center of attention when it comes to their relationship. But that doesn't mean they aren't still going strong!

The pair started dating back in 2015 and got engaged in early 2018.

Chris Evans.

While this star has dated some huge names, Jessica Biel and Jenny Slate among them, the star routinely shuts down any questions about his love life.

Right now, the only love of his life is his dog, Dodger.

Sebastian Stan.

This star has had some serious relationships in his past, but he rarely talks about them in interviews or posts about them on Instagram.

He prefers when people talk to him about his career.


Zendaya is too busy taking over the world and OBVIOUSLY doesn't have time to tell her fans about who she is or isn't dating.

While there are always rumors surrounding who she is dating, she never confirms a single thing.

Tom Holland.

Right now, it is reported that Holland has a girlfriend but, chances are, you won't see him talking about the relationship.

Like his Marvel costars, he is more interested in people asking him about his career.

Emma Stone.

Emma Stone apparently got married in secret to Dave McCary and people only found out about it a year after the fact!

That is just how tight-lipped she is about her personal life. She wants the press nowhere near it.

Jennifer Lawrence.

This star is so quiet, people didn't even know she was marrying Cooke Maroney until the news dropped back in 2019.

It shocked fans everywhere, but they could not be happier that she is living her best life.

Zoë Kravitz.

This gorgeous actress is married, but she rarely posts about her beau on Instagram. And when she does, she doesn't give too much away either!

She prefers her lowkey lifestyle and her gorgeous selfies.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas.

While these two love posting pictures of each other on their social media, they don't reveal too much about their personal lives.

In fact, they never announced Turner's pregnancy, and besides a few pregnancy pics, fans don't know anything about the baby.

Katie Holmes.

After everything that happened between her and Tom Cruise, it is no wonder that Holmes was super private about her relationship with Jamie Foxx.

She has always been a down to earth person, so this move made sense.

Christian Bale and Sibi Blažić.

“[My wife] likes to be very private. And of course, I want to maintain that … but we have a great private life” Bale told Us Magazine.

“She’s probably the most strong woman I’ve ever come across in my life.”

Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser.

When asked why they are so private, Kartheiser told Vulture:

"It’s something I realized about the most important things in my life … If I share them with the world and I open that door to their fuming anger that they need to get out or their adoration that they want to flaunt, it lessens it. It cheapens it; it weakens it."

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart.

These two have been together for quite some time, and even got married in a very secret wedding back in 2010.

Ford is a pretty open and hilarious guy, but the details of their private life are often not up to discuss with the press.

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz.

Cameron Diaz and her husband, Benji Madden, keep their marriage very private.

They clearly don't want the press anywhere near their family life and like to control the narrative around their relationship.

Margot Robbie.

Robbie is very secretive about her marriage to Tom Ackerley. They married in 2016 and you rarely hear either of them talk about the other.

"[She] values her privacy and prefers to stay out of the spotlight," a source to E!