10+ Completely Random Facts About 'Family Guy' Fans Didn't Know

Few shows have ever been as polarizing as Family Guy. It is without question one of the most controversial cartoons of the age and has stood against the test of adversity time and time again.

Whether you love it or hate it, Family Guy has become a part of our culture. That's why I've come up with these 10+ compeltely random facts about Family Guy fans didn't know.

The intro and theme song to *Family Guy* is actually a tribute to *All In The Family*.

When you watch the two side-by-side, the similarities become incredibly obvious. The character of Lois can even be seen as a parody of Edith Bunker.

Those were the days, indeed.

Death was supposed to be a principal theme in every episode.

Seth MacFarlane grew up listening to old radio programs and advertisements from the 1940s.

One of his earliest ideas was to make the title of each episode a dark and ominous death reference.

*Family Guy* made history at the 2009 Emmy Awards.


The show became the first cartoon to be nominated for "Outstanding Comedy Series" since The Flintstones.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone can chirp all they like, neither South Park nor The Simpsons has ever received such a prestigious honor.

The show has had its share of critics over the years.


More specifically, criticism from the Parents Television Council. Since Family Guy first aired, it's been named the "Worst Show on TV" by the PTC an astonishing 44-times.

They're nothing if not consistent.

Seth once sang Cyndi Lauper covers, to Cyndi Lauper, as the cast of *Family Guy*.

Seth should be commended on his vocal talents. The fact that he can so effortlessly slip from one character into another is incredible.

Doing it in front of a legendary pop star, while singing her songs — that's real courage.

Seth got his start working at the famous animation studio Hanna-Barbera.


Hanna-Barbera is most famously known for producing legendary cartoons such as The Flintstones and Scooby-Doo.

Seth was hired to be a writer for Johnny Bravo and also went on to work on Cow and Chicken.

Brian Griffin was named the *High Times* "Stoner Of The Year" in 2009.


My history of the previous award winners admittedly isn't great, but I'd be willing to wager that there aren't many cartoon dogs that have taken home the "Stoner of the Year" award.

Good for you, Brian!

Glenn Quagmire is a lot older than you think.

In the episode "FOX-y Lady," while the guys are out drinking at The Drunken Clam, it's revealed that Glenn was born in 1948. At the time, that made him 61-years-old.

Today, he'd be 72.

The voice of Chris is based on a fictional serial killer.


Seth Green has stated several times over that he based the voice of Chris on Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs.

Which I've got to admit, kind of creeps me out.

All of the characters are based on real people.


According to Seth MacFarlane, he's known a thousand Peter Griffin's over the course of his lifetime.

Stewie is based on Rex Harrison and even Quagmire was inspired by the old records from the 1940s-50s that Seth used to listen to as a kid.

William H. Macy auditioned for the role of Brian.

Seth MacFarlane didn't intend to voice Brian, but when it came time to record the pilot there was no one else.

He's said that because the studio execs heard his rendition first, they decided not to mess with things and keep him playing the part.

*Family Guy* is based on a 10-minute short that Seth MacFarlane created in school.

The Life of Larry was originally going to air between segments on MAD TV. Due to budgetary restrictions, that didn't end up happening.

The characters of Larry and Steve, however, would serve as the early inspiration for Peter and Brian.

The show has been cancelled — twice.


Family Guy was canned less than three years after its premiere. After a spike in DVD sales and an outcry from fans, the series was revived.

It was then canceled for a second time due to falling ratings.

After the pilot aired, the network wanted to get rid of Alex Borstein.


Alex lends her magnificent voice to the character of Lois. She was forced to audition all over again and came very close to being fired.

Can you imagine Family Guy without Lois?!

George Lucas is a fan.


Family Guy was making so many Star Wars jokes that they had to clear them with George Lucas. Seth feared the worst and was elated to learn that George was on board!

He even invited Seth to his ranch to watch the premiere of the "Blue Harvest" episode.