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Seth MacFarlane Grants Wish For Young 'Family Guy' Fan

It seems today that all you see is violence, movies, and Family Guy on TV — and that's the way young superfan Chance Yon likes it. Thanks to the Kids Wish Network and Seth MacFarlane himself, Chance got the opportunity of a lifetime and an opportunity to see and hear himself on his favorite show.

Chance has cerebral palsy and ROHHAD.

Kids Wish Network

Cerebral palsy is a group of movement disorders that result in poor coordination, weak muscles, and tremos, and ROHHAD is a rare syndrome that affects the nervous system and endocrine system.

Most importantly, Chance is just a regular kid.

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Including his love for Family Guy. Chance is a huge fan of the show and the show's creator, Seth MacFarlane. Thanks to Seth and Kids Wish Network, Chance got to experience the coolest day ever.

The Kids Wish Network is a national charity organization.

Kids Wish Network

According to the website, they are "dedicated to infusing hope, creating happy memories, and improving the quality of life for children with life-threatening conditions and struggling with life-altering situations."

They're a huge influence on kids who are struggling.

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The Kids Wish Network "provides for trip expenses, meals, accommodations and additional spending monies to all wish families whenever traveling as applicable," which is exactly what they did for Chance.

Chance and his family were flown out to LA to see the 'Family Guy' animation studios.

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They were greeted by Seth himself, who had welcome signs and balloons with him. Chance got to have lunch with Seth where the comedian and artist drew signed sketches for him.

According to Chance's mom, they couldn't have been happier with the way he treated them.

"I cried when he first met Mr. MacFarlane,” said Chance’s mom. “I was overwhelmed with the way he spoke with him, like they were old friends.”

Chance had some gifts for Seth, too.

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Chance had painted a painting for Seth, and also gifted him a custom Family Guy shirt made by Kids Wish Network that matched the shirt Chance was wearing.

Seth even voiced a few of Chance's favorite characters for him.

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It wasn't just Seth Chance got the chance to speak to, though, as Mila Kunis and Seth Green (the voices of Meg and Chris Griffin) called to speak to him on the phone.

Chance got to preview a future episode of the show and see himself as part of the Griffin family.

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The animators of the show did a special drawing of Chance sitting with the Griffin family, watching television — what a spot-on likeness, too!

Chance even got to lend his voice to a clip of the show.

Chance and his mother got to voice Chris and Lois Griffin in a short clip, which the Kids Wish Network tweeted out. Watch the clip above and see what a great job they do!

Chance had the time of his life at the animation studios.

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“Everyone was amazing with Chance and treated him like he was a part of their family,” said his mom. “They thanked me for sharing Chance with them.”

Chance's flight home was on a private jet.

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Chance's first time flying was a bit overwhelming, so Seth MacFarlane hooked them up with a private jet to make their way home.

Chance even joked that he was no longer ever flying commercial.

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His mom said, “As we were packing, [the Kids Wish Network coordinator] knocked on our door and gave us unbelievable news that Mr. MacFarlane wanted to fly us home! There were so many moments that I had to choke back tears.”

Chance also got loaded up with merchandise from Seth's shows.

Kids Wish Network

Family Guy, American Dad, and The Orville swag was all included in Chance and his family's luggage on their flight home.

The Kids Wish Network Executive Director Tam Lai was incredibly grateful.

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“Mr. MacFarlane, I’m grateful for your abounding kindness. Chance’s sweetness was so endearing to us, and we’re so happy that he touched your heart as well," he said.

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