10+ Random 'Gilmore Girls' Facts Fans Probably Didn't Know

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to pull on my favorite sweater, cuddle up with a hot beverage, and just burn through episode after episode of Gilmore Girls.

At this point in time, I consider myself to be a bit of an expert on the subject. See how your knowledge compares and check out these 10+ completely random Gilmore Girls facts that fans probably didn't know.

1. The show had help from a very famous musician.

Leslie Ann Phillips is better known by the stage name Sam Phillips. Both Amy and her husband Dan were huge fans of her music, eager to extend a creative olive branch.

Phillips also composed the score for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

2. Norman Mailer really did make a cameo appearance.

Norman Mailer was one of the great American authors of his time. He published more than 30 books and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

He turned down the offer at first and only accepted when Amy Sherman-Palladino offered his son a cameo part as well.

3. Kirk Gleason is one heck of a hard worker.

One of the longest-running jokes of the series revolved around the jack-of-all-trades, Kirk Gleason. Over the course of the series, Kirk has worked an incredible 62 different jobs.

Can you imagine how long his resume must be?

4. Fast-talking defined the show.

For your typical one-hour TV show, a script can run anywhere from 40-50 pages on average. Gilmore Girls scripts were a whopping 80 pages!

Production had to hire a dialogue coach to help get the actors up to snuff.

5. Alexis Bledel hates coffee.

This to me is just sacrilegious. No joke, my feet don't touch the ground before I have a hot mug of Joe in my hands!

Whenever you see Alex with a mug, it's filled with Coca-Cola.

6. The idea for the show came to Amy Sherman-Palladino while she was on a road trip.

Amy was driving through the quaint little town of Washington, Connecticut. She became fascinated by the townspeople and the fact that they all seemed to know one another.

After a quick visit to the local diner, Amy already had some of the key characters fleshed out.

7. Some of the pop culture references went right over Alexis Bledel's head.

There were never any notes written in the script to explain any of the references or allusions. Lauren Graham felt especially old when Alexis had to ask her who The Waltons were.

In her defense, I didn't know either.

8. Lane's fellow bandmate was a rock legend.

Sebastian Bach is best known as being the lead singer for the Canadian heavy metal band, Skid Row.

When Sebastian first got the call, he thought that someone had either made a mistake or was pulling a prank on him.

9. Actress Lisa Weil originally auditioned to play Rory.

Lisa was cast to play Paris in Gilmore Girls. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino wrote the part specifically with her in mind.

It didn't come easy for Lisa, who struggled at first to get into the mindset of a mean girl.

10. The Palladinos left the show after the end of season 6.

Amy and her husband Dan were growing frustrated with the CW network. The final straw came when they refused to allow Amy to hire more writers for the show.

The pair said their goodbyes but it wasn't all bad.

According to Scott Patterson, the actors had a lot more say in what went on in the show.

Lauren Graham was also made a producer in the final season!

Scott doesn't say whether or not his experience was better or worse, just that it was different.

11. Lauren Graham's favorite scenes to shoot might come as a surprise.

Lauren has said that she always enjoyed shooting the obligatory family dinner scenes, especially the ones with Kelly Bishop (Emily).

In case you were wondering, the food was always terrible.

12. This was Alex Bledel's first acting job!

OK, so Alex did have a walk-on part in the 1998 film Rushmore but she was uncredited.

Gilmore Girls was the first thing she ever starred in — or spoke in for that matter.

13. Amy Sherman-Palladino had much different plans in store for Rory.

She's gone on record stating that were it up to her, both Lorelai and Rory would have gone on very different and divergent paths from what took place on the show.

14. There's rumors of a movie in the works!

As of yet, there's nothing official from camp Palladino. But Amy has definitely teased the possibility of a movie in the past.

Could 2021 be there year where we finally get to see the reunion we've been clamoring for? Here's to hoping.